#1 Documentary on Netflix Charts Leaves Viewers ‘Shocked’ and ‘Angry’

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hatchet using traveller It hit Netflix on Tuesday and soared to number one on their chart of the 10 Best Movies in the US. What seemed like a bizarre documentary soon revealed itself to be a deeply disturbing story of exploitation, mental illness, and murder.


This shocking documentary chronicles hapless Bedouin’s rise to viral stardom and the steep spiral that led to his imprisonment. The film is directed by Colette Camden.

Kay was interviewed in a Video which went viral in February 2013. His wild story made him an internet hero. However, in May 2013, he was arrested for murder in what he described as self-defense. His new fans immediately began raising money for his legal defense. Sadly, the jury found him guilty, and he’s now serving a 57-year sentence.

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Viewers immediately took to Twitter to share their shock, dismay, and disgust with the people who took advantage of Kai (born Caleb Lawrence McGillvary) and the way his case was handled.

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Since the documentary was not widely publicized, most viewers were unaware of what the movie was about until they played it. Now they find themselves wondering how many systems have failed Kai’s justice system, and calling out the various people who have taken advantage of his story.

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