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Heroes get a lot of love. The main character of the game is, by nature, the star of the show. But a great villain is often more convincing than a great hero – everyone wants that save world, but it takes a special spirit to destroy it.

It’s almost impossible to narrow down the list of famous video game villains to just ten. It would be easy to simply point out the bad guys from games that have sold well, but that’s not really what that means. creative. So I’ve tried really hard to put together a list of 10 video game villains who are true icons; Those who stand tall in the gaming world, whose silhouettes are enough to send shivers down your spine.

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10. Ridley – Metroid

the Metroid Games have all sorts of great villains, but if you want to talk about icons, Ridley is your guy. This evil alien dragon has battled Samus Aran on almost all of her many adventures. To be fair, Samus has a very good reason for wanting Ridley dead: he killed her parents way back.

Secretly, though, I think Samus got over it a while ago. She just wants to flex around hitting the same alien pterodactyl like a dozen times.

Screenshot via Nintendo

9. Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

If you ask ten people who played Final Fantasy VII What was Sephiroth’s motive, you probably only get three answers, and you’re very lucky if one of them is correct. Honestly, it’s hard to remember much about Sephiroth himself. He’s wearing this really cool coat, he’s got a huge sword, and he’s a really weird co-worker The essence of the crisis, but that’s about it. He’s not really the main villain Final Fantasy VII Remake. So how does a character like that end up on the “most popular” list? Why Sephiroth keeps popping up Final Fantasy VII Popup and crosshair events?

To answer this question, I would like to give you some guidelines. First, I want you to open a new tab on your computer. Now go to YouTube and type “One-Winged Angel Distant Worlds”. Go ahead and click on any of the first three results. We see? creative.

8. Albert Wesker – vampire

Looking at Albert Wesker now, it’s kind of hard to believe vampire She briefly tried to trick us into thinking he was a nice guy. Do you see those sunglasses? Those are very evil sunglasses.

Wesker is such a classic villain. He meddles in things beyond his comprehension, arrogantly plays God, and throws his comrades under the bus. Even his death is incredible – how many men could make it through so many self-engineering zombie apocalypses just to be launched into a volcano by a missile blast? one only. And his name is Albert Wesker.

Image via Capcom

7. Dr. Willy – Megan

Speaking of guys who love to play Lord, who could forget Dr. Willie? This weirdo has one of my favorite backgrounds in all of video games. He had a friend in college, and his friend was smarter than him, so he got mad and moved to the ocean to build world-dominating robots. Who wouldn’t?

Megan The games are great on their own, but even better for their wrinkled opponent and his stupid little robot army. Now, only one question remains: where he Dr. Willy?

6. Dracula – Castlevania

It would probably be cheating to include Dracula on this list. mean he Dracula. Of course he is creative. But CastlevaniaDracula’s version of the character is very specific, and he’s definitely someone who has earned his place in the rankings. He’s a fearsome, vicious enemy, and as if his longstanding anti-Belmont politics weren’t bad enough, he’s also a terrible father.

But, I mean, you gotta give him credit for that dope line about heaps of wretched little secrets. What a wonderful man.

Image via Valve

5. GLADOS – outlet

I have a feeling anyone who’s heard a single line from GLaDOS will include her on this list. You don’t need to finish outletor even play a lot of them, to appreciate GLaDOS.

Eileen McClain as GLaDOS in the original outlet is one of the best pieces of video game voice acting ever, and they deliver similarly impressive results in each other outlet Locross project. She’s very tough on Chill, both as a demanding taskmaster and as a very gruff friend, and the amazingly resentful songs that play over the credits of both outlet The games only serves to cement his status as one of gaming’s greatest villains.

Screenshot via Konami YouTube

4. Pyramid Head – silent hill

..Sorry, it’s embarrassing.

Screenshot from The Pokémon Company YouTube

3. Team Rocket – Pokemon

Team Rocket Rules. Why does this organization of super criminals have such bones to pick with one random kid? Why does their plan to take over the world center entirely around sporting events for children? What exactly are they planning to do once they steal the most expensive pet in the world? How will this help them financially?

I don’t know. But I’m glad they’re trying there, because I think they’re so funny. She is also undoubtedly creative. Although they are only the main villains in two generations, they have appeared in remakes for years, even making a full reappearance as a secondary villain team in Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon.

Image via SEGA

2. d. Eggman – Sonic the hedgehog

You can call this guy “Dr. Robotnik” if you want, but he will always be Dr. Eggman to me. He’s a man who kind of looks like an egg. It makes sense.

Ever since Dr. Eggman first started putting animals inside robot suits, he’s been one of the most ridiculous villains in the medium. This is appropriate, given that his opponent is a hedgehog who can move very quickly. There have been other Sonic villains, but I bet good money you can’t name three of them. Dr. Eggman, on the other hand, is a true icon. He’s been given a deeper characterization since his first appearance, but players have been infatuated with this well-rounded bunny from the first minute.

1. The Bowser – Super Mario Bros.

Did this spot belong to anyone else? Bowser, the big lizard who hates plumbers, is one of the greatest villains of all time. He’s also probably the only character on this list that my Jedi would recognize, which is a huge argument in favor of his icons.

Sure, Bowser oscillates back and forth between “kidnapper” and “reluctant sidekick,” but at the end of the day, this guy can only be called a villain, and a very good one at that. Any dinosaur can be a cocky daddy, a piece of paper, a tyrant king, a little car racing star, And Dennis Hopper is fine in my book.

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