20 best home gym equipment for your workouts in 2023

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Are you one of the millions of people who made a decision to take care of their bodies by exercising more in 2023? Whatever your reasons for wanting to up your athletic game, the benefits go way beyond just getting in shape.

According to the Mayo ClinicRegular physical activity combats weight gain, helps you fight diseases and health conditions, boosts energy and mood, and perhaps most importantly, is a key stress reliever. So where do you start buying home exercise equipment without shelling out thousands for exercise bike or elliptical?

If you prefer to direct, there are countless video apps and services you can join, many of which have free trials. AptivAnd Favorable price offerAnd Workit And Win Ranging from free to premium, or offering free trials to get you started on your running, cardio or strength training journey, there are endless numbers Free exercises on YouTube.

However, you still need some equipment to help you get moving, so we turned to Jessica RayFounder Ray Studios in san francisco and FitReserve anywhere Coach, for some tips on low-cost equipment to improve your DIY workouts.

Just add water – a little or a lot – to adjust the weight of this home bell that can help improve your balance and endurance.

These popular weighted bracelets, which you may have seen on Instagram, allow you to incorporate fitness into your daily life. We put them on our wrists or ankles on our morning walk, and your workout is instantly lifted—you’ll definitely feel their impact!

This cooling performance terry towel is perfect for wiping away sweat after a hot workout.

We named it Gaiam mat the Best thick yoga mat There, the PVC mat (also known as elastomer called polyvinyl chloride) has 6 mm of cushion and has a deep texture that ensures a non-slip surface. As one of the cheapest mats we tested, it also earned bonus points for being the best affordable yoga mat.

“I have a great background in mixed martial arts, specifically boxing, and skipping rope is a big part of our cardio warm-up,” says Ray. “It’s usually a few rounds of jacks, jumping rope and shadowboxing in gauntlet action.” This electronic cord is surprisingly high tech for the price. It features electronic counting of calories, miles and kilometers, a one-click button to display exercise results and non-slip handles.

This cuddly jump rope has handles that weigh 0.5 pounds each, adding to the intensity of your workout.

This heavy duty rope will challenge your body and target your muscles, helping you burn fat at home.

One 5-star reviewer of this excellent jump rope writes, “If you want to invest in well-made workout accessories, this is the rope for you.”

For everything you’ll be doing jumping, jumping, and running, you’ll need performance-inspired trainers. This pair from New Balance is the lightest running shoe we’ve ever worn, and they slip on effortlessly without much fuss.

“I see the benefits of a trampoline that customizes exercise for balance, coordination, mobility, and basic, all-around cardiovascular fitness,” says Ray. This 36-inch trampoline, which can hold up to 250 pounds, folds up for easy storage and weighs only 14 pounds. Reviewers love this thing, too, with over 4,000 5-star reviews.

Easy to store in a closet or behind a door, the mini trampoline takes up very little space and provides a great calorie-reducing workout. Get so bouncy with this nearly silent filter—which supports up to 450 pounds—that you can “feel your legs after five minutes,” according to reviewers.

Ray also suggests an exercise bar, sliders, and resistance bands to complement your home workouts.

This set of bands comes with access to a training program that will get you started using rows, pull-ups, push-ups and flyes to work out the arms, back, hips, legs, chest and abdominal area.

This set includes five resistance bands of different strengths with inspirational sayings like “Don’t stop now” and “Keep moving” written across them – plus a bag to store them away.

Smooth on the bottom, the sliders allow you to glide along a smooth surface like wood or tile floors. They work by causing your body to try to balance, which strengthens your core muscles.

This set of sliders and resistance bands includes everything you need for a core and strength routine.

If you’ve been away on the road for the winter but miss the feel of riding your bike, this highly rated mount easily converts a road bike into an indoor cycle. Take a class on an app, or just play some tunes and pedal away!

Are you ready to jump into indoor cycling but don’t want to spend a lot or don’t have much space? Try this folding upright bike that Amazon shoppers love.

The treadmill exercise machine under the desk probably won’t get you working out, but if you’re worried about not moving around too much, this highly-rated little machine is, according to one reviewer, “super quiet and also comes with resistance bands if you want to add upper body exercises.” From the Body,” if you need a gentle workout.

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