22 wild facts about the human body that are actually really cool

The human body is a mysterious thing. And more recently, when Redditor u/Hot_Banana_Ice-cream asked the internet, “What is the scary truth about the human body?” I learned a lot more about the human body than I expected. Some are a little TMI, but I’m still awestruck.

Here are some of the most shocking – and startling – responses:

1.“If you try those specialized glasses that flip your vision vertically so that everything turns upside down, Your mind will eventually adjust to itAnd things will look “normal”. But when you take off those glasses, everything will stay upside down until your brain resets it again.”

u/shadow29 warrior

Close up of someone's eyes

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2.Bodies will moves Because they are out of rigor. A few shocked me (I’m a forensic doctor). Bodies can, too Makes sounds As the residual air/gas leaves… 2 am in the morgue, and I thought I was in it Call of Duty: World at War – Zombies. “


A corpse lying on a table

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3.The rectum is lined with cells is similar to The one in your mouth.”


Close-up of someone's mouth

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4.Our brain filters Much of what we see, along with directly making things up on the basis of induction. “

u/admiral clover

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5.“We don’t have just one anal sphincter. When stool comes in, it goes through the other internal sphincter that are not under voluntary control. Meaning, you can do oOoOoO with the external sphincter, but not with the internal one. (I tried, that’s fine.) The sensory cells can detect if you’re about to pass gas or solids. From the age of majority, you can decide to go or not to go. If the time isn’t right (eg at a friend’s house or there is no toilet nearby), the internal sphincter can push the stool back in and store it there for later. That’s why sometimes, if you need to do number two but don’t go, the urge goes away after about 20 minutes. (But seriously, go if you can. Risk of constipation.)”


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6.The front of your tongue CuriousContinuous, independent patrols. The dentist is chasing around your mouth and you don’t even realize it. Very awkward and weird/creepy.”


“In dental school, I learned this fact when I was practicing impression-taking of each other. My friend’s tongue kept licking my finger. I told him to quit licking me, and he’d say, ‘I can’t help it!’ And then, we switched places, and my tongue wouldn’t leave it alone. And for those of you who don’t think your tongue does this: some of you are right. But the majority think your tongue acts, but it’s all over the place without your knowledge.”

u / User recovery

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7.“When performing laser tattoo removal, the ink does not disappear – You pee (It can also be eliminated through your poop or sweat.) Your body’s immune system breaks down the ink pigments, and it flows into your bloodstream, processed by your kidneys, and then you excrete the ink. “


Tattoo removal

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8.“My favorite fact is that both of your eyes have an extension blind spotWhere the optic nerve is located. Many people don’t even know it exists, and even if they do, it’s bigger than people often think. It’s also really easy to explain to people if you know how. It’s one of my favorite bar tricks: all you need is a pen and a napkin to draw cross and point. Here it is experimental alternative. “

“If it doesn’t work, you’re doing something wrong: not getting close enough, the image is too small on your phone, not closing the right eye, or not keeping your gaze fixed on the intersection because you don’t have a blind spot.”


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9.“Sometimes, there’s just randomness extra muscles. You can go on your whole life without even realizing it. I worked as a burial handler, and the medical examiners would tell me about some cases like this one. Also, there can be random tumors, even if the individual has never been diagnosed. Finally, the skin looks like plastic wrap when peeled from the body.”

U / means_negotiation 5436

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11.A pregnant corpse will Build up enough gas To expel the fetus even after death. Look for “Birth of a Coffin”.



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12.“We ate our own hair (called villi) while inside the womb Ovarian healthThe embryos feed on the lanugo, which they shed while they are in the womb, and it accumulates inside them to form the substance that forms their first tube, known as meconium“.”


Drew Barrymore eats pizza


13.“The brain will always/usually try ensure its survival; If a knockout made that happen, you’d be swooning for brain sanity.”

u / SonicBoom500

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14.“In really bad cases of endometriosis, endometrial-like tissue can grow all over the body, such as The bladder and intestines are near the chest – and even in the brain In rare cases. It’s incredibly painful, because he’s still trying to “poop” like a normal period but has nowhere to go. It can only be endometriosis confirmed by surgerysince it does not show up on most ultrasound/MRI scans.”

u/Wise_Ne Biology 499

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Athema Tunglum / Getty Images

15.Biologist here. When it comes to sunburn, the scary thing about UV damage is that it’s not minor damage from radiation. It’s literally strong enough to cause you to become stranded. DNA breaks. Broken genes that can lead to cancer are largely due to the body’s failure to repair DNA damage (which is directly related to transcription errors that end up occurring in division as a result). Well, double breaks like this one are the hardest to fix. UV damage is no joke. It will also age your skin earlier, too.”

u / genetics

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16.The intestines are covered with a double covering of wool peritoneum. Think of it like a blanket. When your intestines become damaged for any reason, this blanket begins to move on its own and crawl up toward the injured site. You will stay there until the injury is healed, and then you will move again.”

u / suitable_donkey 18

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17.“Humans are a cesspool bacteriaAnd when you die, your body eats himself From the inside out.”


“there There are more bacteria in our bodies than human cells. “


Heidi Klum says,

life times


“I’ve had two of those! The one I removed when I was 18 was full of different bits of bone, hair, and teeth, and when it grew back at 29, it was half hair and half fat.”

u / diens

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19.“There is a myth that your nails continue to grow after death, which is supposed to explain why corpses have long nails. The truth is that the soft tissues of the fingers and hands tend to develop They shrink as they lose moistureWhich leads to appearance of nail growth.”

U / Draculamb

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Elizabeth Fernandez/Getty Images

20.“The food that was eaten can sometimes take a toll up to five days To pass completely through the intestines into the colon. So, when people say you’re full of chills, they’re not lying.”


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21.“One of the things that startled me was hearing about my fallopian tubes after a friend had an emergency surgery. The fallopian tubes are active, moving parts of the reproductive system. When one tube is not present or is ‘broken’, the other tube can actually jib to the corresponding ovary and “pick up” an available egg.

U/Quiker 1982

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22.Human skin is covered with a pattern called Blaschko lines, which are lines that cover the body from head to toe. The lines run up and down your arms and legs, hugging your torso. They wrap around the back of your head like a cap and across your face. You can’t see them.”

and / DadsRGR8



Wonderful. What fact surprised you the most? What are some other “scary” things about the human body that most people don’t know? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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