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sOur face is made up of 40 major muscles, and much like your glutes, core, and other muscles in your body, they loosen up when they’re neglected.

“The face is unique in that it is the only area of ​​the entire body where skin and muscles are directly connected to each other,” he says. Shelly Marshalla New York City-based holistic esthetician and founder Shaman beauty. “This means that where the muscles go, the skin goes, too.”

With that in mind, Marshall has spent years doing facial yoga, and has found it so effective at keeping her skin tight that she no longer uses injections. “Because the facial yoga movements help increase circulation to the entire face, the skin begins to get a more hydrated and brighter complexion from the increased blood supply,” she says. “The facial movement also gets our lymphatic system moving so our skin looks less puffy and tighter.”

She’s seen it eliminate some of the more annoying technical neck symptoms like stiffness, sagging, lines, and more. Ahead, we chatted with Marshall about her practice and the moves she recommends to combat sagging skin and a technical neck.

What is face yoga

Like the starter of sourdough and TikTok, face yoga gained popularity during the 2020 lockdown when estheticians began showing off their moves on Instagram and offering Zoom sessions to guide people through the practice. But for Marshall and many others, facial yoga is much more than just a beauty trend.

“It’s a transformative practice that deepens the connection between mind, body, and spirit while offering amazing benefits for the face,” she explains.

In other words, the same principles of body yoga apply—sans the downward dog. This practice uses stretches, poses, and facial expressions to lift, tone, and sculpt the face while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. “It works by intentionally relaxing facial muscles that take stress during exercise and strengthening muscles that don’t get enough movement,” says Marshall.

In addition to just movements, face yoga also uses breathing. “Breathing deeply through each pose releases tension, stimulates the lymphatic system, relaxes the nervous system, and oxygenates the cells that make up the facial structure,” says Marshall.

This practice can be beneficial Sculpt and strengthen your facial muscles, but Marshall especially likes it to ward off the effects of “technology neck”. The catchy term describes the soreness, stiffness, and pain you feel from bending your neck to stare at a screen for an extended period of time, and can cause sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles (as well as headaches and incorrect posture).

“Holded in a downward position, the front of the neck becomes short and narrow while the back of the neck becomes stiff and stiff,” says Marshall. Another place for the skin to go.

The longer you keep your neck muscles in this position, the stiffer they become, which pulls the face down and causes sagging. Marshall also points out that prolonged inactivity restricts our circulation and lymphatic system which can cause fluid retention and prevent oxygen from reaching the skin. This is where face yoga comes in.

3 facial yoga moves for the neck blocking technique

1. Kissing the moon

Place your hands on the base of the anterior side of the neck to stabilize the Platysma muscle. Then slowly bring your head back so you’re staring up at the sky. For an extra stretch in the front of the neck, make a soft crease with your lips, and try to “kiss the moon” about 10 times.

“This helps stretch and lengthen the neck, align our posture, relieve pain, smooth out necklines, remove facial puffiness, reduce double chins, and shape the jawline,” says Marshall.

2. Touch your tongue to your nose

Begin by clasping your hands behind your back and pulling your arms as far away from your body as possible. Then, when you feel your shoulder blades gather behind you, push your chest and stomach out and take a deep breath into your lower lungs and abdomen.

Lift your chin slightly and push your tongue up into your upper lip, trying to touch each nostril with the tip of your tongue. Alternately reach each nostril five times on each side for three big breaths and then come out of the position. Repeat one to three times with about 10 to 15 seconds of rest between each set.

3. The rainbow roll

With one hand on top of the other, place your palm at the base of the neck and pull it down slightly to stabilize the neck muscle. With your shoulders facing forward, turn your head to one side so your chin hovers over one shoulder. Move your head slowly up and down five times. After the fifth gesture, look up (the nose should be pointing at the ceiling) and slowly rainbow (the top of your head should take on the shape of a rainbow as it moves) your head all the way to the other side and nod your head five times over the other shoulder. Repeat as many times as you like or until you feel the tension release in the back of your neck.

For a deeper stretch, incorporate a yoga facelift at the same time. Press your lips together as if you were applying lip balm. With your lips pressed together, lift the corners of your mouth and smile. Lift as high as you can but be careful not to allow wrinkles around the eyes. Hold this position while performing the upper neck movement.

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