8 cheap gym packages in singapore 2023 including trial sessions

Cheap gym packages in singapore

With our incessant dinners and catching up with family and friends for the past two months, we’ve all been feasting on tons of good food. There’s nothing wrong with living life once in a while — but we also need to stay fit with all the spice Senior W Ladies there.

If you’re still trying to get your fitness routine back on track, maybe this is the added incentive cheap gym packages It can help motivate you.

1. Virgin Active – Weekly memberships from $30.28 per week

Sports clubs - Virgin Active
Image adapted from: Virgin Active Singapore

Being a newbie to the gym can be intimidating, whether it’s the atmosphere or the myriad swolebros wander around. in Virgin Activethe environment might feel more like a luxury club than a gym – with facilities like a hydrotherapy spa, swimming pool, and even a jacuzzi available to members.

Gyms - swimming pool and jacuzziImage adapted from: Virgin Active Singapore

Virgin Active membership packages are for those looking to dip their toes into fitness without getting thrown in too deep. After all, the weekly fee starts from just $30.28.

Keep in mind that pricing comes with a 12-week commitment – but we think you’ll get a lot more with the price you pay. The package comes with one in-club workout or class per week that you can refer to Next week. You also have a range of classes to choose from – from flow yoga to reformer pilates to calisthenics classes.

The full list of Virgin Active gyms.

work hours: Monday to Friday 6.30am – 10:30pm | Sat 8am – 5pm (closed on Sundays and PH)
Contact: Virgin Active website

2. ActiveSG – From $9 per month for students and seniors

Gyms - ActiveSG
ActiveSG in Fernvale Square.
Image credit: ActiveSG

By now, you must have heard about ActiveSG gyms With 27 of their outlets popping up all over the island. Unlike most of the big name gyms in Singapore, ActiveSG outlets are conveniently located in the heart of the grounds. This means that you can save on your travel expenses And the time So if you think you can pull off the “I don’t have time” card, think again.

Gyms - Hockey Village
ActiveSG at Bon Lai Hockey Village.
Image credit: ActiveSG

With convenience comes a price point that doesn’t take up space in your pocket. Starts from $15 per month for off-peak memberships And $2.50 per entry, so we can safely say that it is one of the cheapest gyms in SG. tTheir gyms come fully equipped with everything from elliptical trainers to free weights, so you’re in good hands here.

Some ActiveSG gyms also come with facilities that cater to people with disabilities – such as Braille dots on the treadmill user panel, and an “auditory prompt loop” system.

The full list of ActiveSG gyms.

work hours: Daily from 7 am to 10 pm
Contact: 6345 7111 | ActiveSG website

3. Dennis Gym – $76/month for 3 months of membership

Sports Clubs - Dennis Gym
Image adapted from: @dennis.gym

If you’ve been around the fitness crowd for a while, you’ve probably heard of it Dennis C. This 24/7 gym chain offers packages starting from $76/month for 3 months. Members will get unlimited access to a workout at any time throughout the day, with plans that include one-on-one personal training.

Those who prefer to work out from home can also check out Dennis Gym’s dumbbell and bodyweight home workout programs from $99.

The full list of Dennis C outlets.

Contact: 8543 2903 | Dennis C. Facebook

4. Amplify Fitness – Open Gym Access $65

Gyms - amplifyImage adapted from: @ amplify. fitness

If you want to dip your toes into fitness, Fitness amplification It might just be a place to start. It is a CrossFit facility that offers 3 different types of programs: basic, gains, and volume. Each focuses on different aspects of fitness, from all-around strength and conditioning to weightlifting and gymnastics.

For those who want to do their own workouts, Amplify Fitness has the offering Open gym permits During out-of-class hours starting at $65. This card is valid for 5 weeks and will cover 5 gym sessions of 1.5 hours.

Tabuk: 95 Soo Chau Walk, Singapore 575382
work hours: Mon-Fri 7am-9pm | Sat-Sun 9am-5pm
Contact: 89513176 (WhatsApp calls and messages only)

5. Ritual – 14-day unlimited trial from $30

Gyms - a ritual
So if you’re a busy bee or just too lazy to work out for an hour, this might be your type of gym.
Image adapted from: rite

Known as the 30-minute gym, rite It might also be a household name among CBD folks now. They’re known for their HIIT classes that give members a full-body workout in 30 minutes — so great for busy people who struggle to find time to work out.

They are currently offering a Unlimited 14-day trial starting from $30. This experience comes with one introductory class and exercises at any of their five locations in Singapore.

The full list of rite Gyms opening hours.

Contact: ritual site

6. Trapeze Rick. Club – $50 for an unlimited 10-day trial

Trapeze Rick.  club
Image adapted from: @tweet

Trapeze Rick. club It is the right place for you if you want to turn your exercise sessions into self-care sessions. They offer 4 floors of wellness with facilities such as a gym, recovery suites and even traditional Chinese medicine treatments. If all this talk sounds good to you, you’ll be happy to know you can get your hands on the Trapeze experience from now on. $50 for a 10-day trial.

In terms of fitness programs, Trapeze Rec. The club may have it all. Strength training, yoga and even mental health sessions are offered under one roof. Did we also mention there is a coffee shop on the premises?

Tabuk: 27 Tanjung Pagar Road, Singapore 088450
work hours: Monday to Friday 6.30am – 9:30pm | Saturday – Sunday 8.30am – 4pm
Contact: 9296 4927 | Trapeze Rick. Club website

7. F45 Spottiswoode – Two Weeks Membership for $60

Cheap gymImage credit: F45 Spottiswoode Training

Another gym franchise that is getting more and more popular by the second is F45. For starters, the F45 is a type of functional exercise that tones the muscle groups in your body. They believe that with a 45-minute session, you will be able to achieve a full body workout that will help you live your best life.

Only one way to find out, right? You will be able to get a taste of the training conducted at F45 Spottywood a way to Two-week membership trial starting at $60. Run, don’t walk, if you love team-based circuit training and community building.

Tabuk: 10 Raeburn Park, B1-01, Singapore 088702
work hours: Relies on exercise schedule
Contact: 9168 7784

8. GoFit – Memberships from $88 per month at Geylang & Changi

Cheap gym
Image credit: GoFit

If you have a friend whose life seems to be completely understood, this friend is GoFit. With 2 outlets currently open, GoFit combines convenience and efficiency within 4 walls.

As simple as that, GoFit also employs the help of AI as a training partner. There are no hologram trainers here, but you’ll be able to have an app-based digital fitness coach to track your progress or help you discover new exercises. You can even stream a class in one of their practice rooms to get some value time for me.

GoFit memberships start at $88/month For 12 months which includes free group classes such as HIIT Super Circuit.

The full list of GoFit gyms.

work hours: 24 hours
Contact: 8877 9895

Cheap gym sessions in singapore

Getting a good workout doesn’t have to be expensive. Heck, you can even do that for free. But if you ever feel like you need that extra motivation or support, know that there are affordable and affordable options out there. Now, grab your Lululemon training gear and We go Jim.

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