9 favorite things of Julie Bowen 2023

Photo illustration: an eagle; Photo: Bettina Niederman

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably wondered what celebrities add to their carts. Not a JAR brooch and a Louis XV chair however hair spray and the Electric toothbrush. We asked actress Julie Bowen — who was recently divorced JB scruba skincare line for teenage boys—about her favorite non-burning retinol serum, the pop art site she haunts, and the detox spray her kids call “Smelling Good.”

I moved into a new home a little over a year ago. In my entryway, I had a beautiful antique wool The rug that’s my own dog I started using it – without my knowledge – as her pee area. Finally I was like, I must save this poor rug. I have used Ruggables In my laundry room and bathrooms, but all of these were neutral. when i found this rug From the Jonathan Adler collection, I wanted to put it front and center because it’s so much more than just a doormat. It’s such a game changer that I can put it down wash. I think I need a file dog Coach as well.

Previous assistant I’m from Carmel, California, and I think this salad dressing is a local phenomenon there. She would bring it to me after every vacation, and it was so good. With my production company, Bowen & Sons, I work out of my home, so four women are here all day every day. We always make a file Power for lunch. These things are delicious, and you can order them by condition, which we do now. It’s not super-garlic Or onions, which are great beef. I don’t like to taste bandage Four hours later, and I don’t want to burp her again. I also gave it as a file free giftEveryone thinks it’s wine because it seems to come in a form vintage bottle. It’s better than wine. some people have it vintage racks, and I have a rack of French poodle sauce.

Scents I get with all three children Epic, so keep a big spray bottle of this in Homepage and small in camel. It contains a lot of eucalyptus, which reminds me of Spa. When my boys were little, they called it “good smell” because I used to spray it in each of their rooms. Anyone who knows me knows I’m constantly pulling this on and airbrushing.

I became interested in outdoor or folk art art Through my friend Rachel Zabar, who is a vintage clothing salesman. turned me into slotThis auction site features artists without professional training or who have experienced marginalization in the art social communication. I was a pioneer in Italian Renaissance studies, and I am familiar with many classical studies artistsBut seeing what these artists come up with always amazes me. I love site stalking and finding really unique pieces.

Early in the epidemic, I was suffering from A overwrought time and decided to try to calm down. It contains magnesium, so a little goes a long way. Too much can really upset your stomach. I’ll drink it with water before Bed or a cocktail Blender It is my personal addition. It has a citrusy sparkle that pairs well with a little tequila and soda. Why not?

I will not use retinol Products that make me leather itching or burning; I use this in conjunction with Night lotiontingling, but not annoying. I started out three times a week, but have now worked my way up to where I apply it every night. I’m not a braggart, but people tell me leather They look exceptional. Full disclosure: A friend of mine works there, and I was involved in some early testing of the product. She would bring me things like, “What do you think?” And then when the line came out, she sent me some, and I said, “I love this. I really, honestly love this.”

emphasis perfumes It reminds me of certain times in my life, and sometimes I realize it’s time to let that go going behind. I was everything Jo Malone Orange Blossom For a long time, but then I was ready for something new. Back in the Barneys (RIP) days, Frédéric Malle had a counter there, and that’s how I found Portrait of a Lady. Most people spray Perfume On their necks, but after showering, I put it on in the middle of my nakedness the body. Then during the day, when I warm up, the going Releases slowly. Everyone says “That’s what Jolie smells” or “Jolie was here.” I could have a lot more on hand, but I don’t care. it is delicious.

Alli Webb, Founder Dryable, had a holiday boutique event at her home, and decided to stop by. I went crazy for these cashmere sweatersSo my business partner bought me two. It’s just the perfect blend of softness and comfort without being too expensive. This cream has an elegant look. It reminds me of Jacket Chris Evans character Wears at first Take out the knives With all the holes in it.

Jill Perrin And I wanted to make a product for teenage girls who are about to hit puberty and who may not let their mothers go to the bathroom anymore. We have created JB scrub With our children in mind, but anyone who sympathizes with boyhood. the body washwhich is our hero, is designed to pump twice only because if you give child An ordinary bottle to squeeze out, they’ll use 90 percent of it in one shower. It also has a refreshing orange peel scent that doesn’t linger for long like some chemical scents Men’s grooming products. Under the directions, it also says “PNB,” which I originally wanted to call the product. It means “holesnuts, and butts,” in that order.

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