A bitter reckoning with Tessa after several odd outings

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Tessa Bergmeier refused the food test. She and Lucas Cordalis had the choice between buffalo tongue or pork penis.Photo: rtl


Laura Schieble

With Tessa Bergmeier, a vegan and animal rights activist who has been convinced of this since childhood Jungle camp I moved. Before the show begins, she makes it her mission to convince others of this lifestyle. And I explained to RTL earlier: “It’s a home game for me. The rice and beans are vegan the animals They don’t have a voice, so it’s important to give them a voice.”

This particular topic has attracted the most attention to date. In the jungle test on the second day, for example, she explained to almost every animal she encountered (there were hundreds) that she did not want to harm the animals and therefore could not continue to pass through the channel – the “hor tube” – to the stars. This sometimes caused dissatisfaction fans. Many find it annoying and question their participation.

So writes vegan influencer and bestselling author Philip Steuer Twitter For example: “For years I’ve been trying to show the public that not all vegans are annoying and hardcore. And Tessa Bergmeier totally ripped it off at the start of jungle camp.

With Jana Palask, I immediately found a fellow sufferer when it came to the subject matter Essen in the camp. Because both of them were explicitly registered as vegetarians, which already caused problems between Jana and Verena Kerth on the third day. She did not agree that edamame would only be divided between Jana and Tessa.

In the official Jungle podcast, Julian FM Stoeckl offers a not-too-steep thesis:

“By the end of the season, the two will become good friends and hug a very large tree together. One from the left, the other from the right.”

But isn’t this a contradiction in terms? To participate as a vegetarian in a form that involves eating animals and scaring campers on top of that? Media expert Ferris Buehler and animal welfare organization Peta Watson decide whether or not Tessa’s accounts work.

PETA calls for more of a vegan presence in the jungle camp

The fact that Tessa’s lifestyle is causing a stir is no surprise to PETA. After all, the entertainment factor at jungle camp is animal abuse, explains a spokesperson for the organization at Watson’s request. Exotic animals will be eaten, tortured, crushed and killed for jungle trials. And confirms:

“So it’s important that the show also talks about the treatment of animals and that criticism is directed.”

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Tessa must go through an underground canal system with crickets and crabs in a jungle test on the second day.Image: rtl+

However, the organization sees no contradiction in Tessa’s plans. After all, a basic examination of the subject is the first step in questioning one’s behavior. As a Beta spokesperson confirmed:

“We are delighted that Ms. Bergmeyer, a committed vegetarian, is participating and reminding the participants that disrespectful treatment of sentient beings should finally be a thing of the past.”

Moving forward, the topic of veganism should be more mainstream, according to PETA. At the start of this year’s Jungle Camp, RTL Botanical jungle camp wanted. “Peta has written to RTL to finally stop animal abuse for recreational purposes and to conduct all testing exclusively with vegan food and no live animals,” she says, among other things.

Media expert with clear words about Tessa

On the other hand, media expert Ferris Buehler does not understand the 33-year-old’s move. He explains to Watson: “Having already taken part in the reality shows ‘German’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Kampf der Realitystars’, Tessa Bergmeier, it should be absolutely clear to her that such formats are not suitable for conveying to viewers his personal philosophy of life or that to raise the bar. Awareness of issues such as vegetarianism. Jungle camp audiences don’t want to be lectured by the movie’s protagonists, they just want to be entertained.”

Ferris Buehler is a media professional and marketing podcast host

Ferris Puller Professional broadcaster and host of the “StoryRadar” marketing podcast.Bild: Thomas Buckwalder

And also: Here’s what Tessa Bergmeier seems to have done wrong with the format: If she really wanted to discuss the topic of vegans in depth, she’d be in better hands as a guest speaker with Markus Lanz on ZDF than RTL in the Woods. But whether they will be invited to a public broadcast is another question.

Regarding her behavior on the show, the media expert says: “From her previous appearances on Jungle Camp, Tessa Bergmeier clearly didn’t understand the rules of the format: Whoever weeps and cries incessantly gets caught in the crosshairs of the malevolent audience and is only properly elected in the bush exams. . So it’s no surprise that now Tessa does tests every day and a pig’s dick is always served there.”

Tessa Bergmeyer.  Use of material relating to the Program is permitted only by reference to and linking to RTL +.

Tessa Bergmeyer makes explosives in the camp.Photo: RTL

Ferris also notes, “Because she refuses animal food on principle and loses her exams as a result, it turns the group against her, which in turn increases the potential for entertainment.” It should have been clear to her before the show that jungle RTL is not a petting zoo.”

Why the model was considered for viewing

However, the expert finds that this is the reason why Tessa chose to format. He asserts: “It was clear to the presenter from the start that she is a magnet for the conflict and therefore an exciting heroine. She may have persuaded Tessa to participate in the camp by telling her that this was an attractive platform for her and the team. The issues close to her heart would be – In the end, the winner is RTL, because the show is getting a lot of attention due to the current headlines with the model.”

CAUTION: ALL MEDIA BLOCKED PERIOD UNTIL SATURDAY, 01/14/2023, 12:30AM!!!  First day at camp.  Tessa Bergmeier and Cosimo Citiolo have a common past: the auditor from Neckar gave her ...

Tessa was already getting into one discussion or the other.Photo: rtl

Finally, Ferris says: “mine Opinion Next, Tessa Bergmeier isn’t doing herself any favors with her current jungle camp look. On the one hand, they view viewers as a desperate young woman on edge emotionally, and as defiantly temperamental as she has even wanted to turn down interviews on the last few shows. On the other hand, it conveys a very extreme picture of vegans.”

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