A misleading hoax goes viral – and laughs

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Prince Harry’s unusual taste in music recently made headlines in Austria. Bild: AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth


Vera Siebnish

In his Netflix series and in his autobiography, Prince Harry has not only criticized the British royal family, but also the tabloids. The Duke of Sussex accused them of deliberately spreading lies and racist statements about his wife. Since then, Harry has also used all of his major appearances to attack the press.

While Harry is mostly on the tabloids in his home country Great Britain Starting off, there are of course a lot of headlines about Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, out there. Not only in Great Britain, but also in the USA, Germany and Austria, Sweden and the Switzerland Royal dropouts are regularly reported. But recently, a particularly strange piece of news about Harry made headlines — and the story behind it is as intriguing as the supposed letter itself.

Prince Harry: Hoax spread in Austria

When Prince Harry’s autobiography Spear was published on January 10, the most explosive clips had already leaked to the public. Below are details about Harry’s first time, a physical altercation with William and intimate confessions about his drug experiences.

But a message has appeared in the past few days, especially in Austria to spiral. Harry allegedly writes in his book, At a particularly difficult point in his life, he confided in “Dance Burger,” a song by DJ Otzi. The Instagram meme’s Galeria ass antlers page posted an image that was allegedly taken from Harry’s autobiography. The text says:

“My brother was too tough for us, and we felt hopeless. But ‘The Burger Dance’ gave us the strength to keep going and not give up. The emotional choreography in particular motivated us once again to stand up and stand up to the British Royal Family.”

Several media outlets in Austria picked up the report, including “oe24.at”, “Tiroler Tageszeitung” and “HitradioÖ3”. Thesis was moderated there. “This, ladies and gentlemen, is perhaps the strangest story I have heard so far this year, but it is still true,” says the moderator there. “Prince Harry clearly has a special affection for the Austrian musician, one of the most successful musicians in our country, who has saved him from one difficult situation or another so far.”

This letter is of course complete nonsense. “The Galleria of the Donkey Horns” finally illustrates the absurd Instagram on me:

“We recently published a note writing that Prince Harry is the secret DJ Ötzi Ultra. Here it comes: This information was fictitious.”

And they continue:Now this may shock you, but Prince Harry doesn’t really have a “burger dance” Heard from DJ Ötzi to recharge your batteries. He didn’t write about it in his book either. This tale and the associated text passage come 100 percent from our imagination – even if the Austrian media now adamantly claim the opposite, as if they had read it with their own eyes in Harry’s book.

Why did the site operators choose Burger Dance of all things? You think this information then It would be obvious absurd that “everyone really checks it out”. However, they have not reckoned with the Austrian media, who clearly don’t know what the “Galleria of Ass Horns” is all about. The Instagram page is known for its memes, most of them themed on early 2000s pop culture.

Mimbag follows the rumor about Prince Harry

Meanwhile, many large media outlets also spoke under this publication. For example, “RTL Exklusiv” comments on what is said to be Harry’s most important song: “We all know ‘No Angels’ was ‘Daylight In Your Eyes'”. “I didn’t have that in Bingo 2023,” Spotify wrote. The “Donkey Horns Galleria” itself shoots them story a little further. In their story, they published the famous Harry clip during a military operation interview He separates and runs to his comrades. Everything is underlined with the “burger dance”.

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