A problem about super talents | 1 million claims against Cologne – 1. FC KÖLN

Was this deal too good to be true? 1. FC Cologne signed the super talent of Slovenia, Jaka Cuper Potosnik (17), a year ago. The 16-year-old caught the eye of scouts at Olimpija Ljubljana. Schlax is tall, 1.89m tall, technically strong with a sharp nose for targets.

Cologne took center stage to the Junior Academy (NLZ). Despite being only 17 years old, he is an under-19 player and has scored seven goals in nine matches in the West German Bundesliga before the winter break. A YouTube video shows how he scores: sometimes with his head, sometimes with a feel and tap into the corner, from the penalty spot and from a free kick. Every coach wants that.


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So went Ronaldo’s debut in the desert

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Best of all, the city of Cologne didn’t even have to pay a fee. Because Potocnik had previously terminated his contract. But this termination is having its effects now – and change could still be really expensive!

Potocnik’s former club Ljubljana has sued in a FIFA court and wants a €2.5m transfer fee plus €69,972.60 in training compensation and €7,200 in damages. An offer of this amount could have been made by Dinamo Zagreb in December 2021, with the promise of an advisor. Due to the allegation of inciting the young player to breach the contract, Ljubljana is also claiming a transfer ban for two change periods to the Bundesliga club in the lawsuit received by Sport Bild. That would be great!

► According to the lawsuit, Olimpija’s version goes like this: The striker signed a contract on June 1, 2021 until 2024, signed by him and his mother. Just seven months later, the mother suddenly complained via e-mail that the agreements were not being kept. Specifically, it was about the right to play in the first team and individual training with a fitness coach. The club differs the next day.

A week after that email, on January 30, 2022, the mother called again. terminated the contract with immediate effect. Just one day later he reported

1. FC Köln announced the transfer of Potoknik to Rhine in FIFA’s “Transfer Matching System” (TMS) and received a temporary playing permit. The super talent suddenly disappeared.

The suit states: “The second defendant (1. FC Köln; ed.) must have participated in the termination of the player’s contract and actually caused the termination of his contract in order to continue his career at 1. FC Köln to continue.” Does Cologne really want to avoid paying a fee?

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FC business manager Christian Keller

Christian Keeler, managing director of the club

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► In FC you see things differently: Player finishing was good. Last summer, Olympia club president Adam Delius traveled to Cologne, accompanied by a lawyer. They met club president Christian Keeler (44) on the first floor of the office. Keeler is said to have offered to pay a fee of €100,000 on top of the training compensation. The amount should be recorded in the appendix to the contract in case of change.

Olympia denies this and has refused. Then the club decided to fight legally for a fee. What makes the conflict even more complicated: Potošnik negotiated his contract in Slovenia with the management of the old club. Meanwhile, Olimpija has been taken over by an investor from Munich. Before starting, all contracts must be checked by an auditor. The exit clause should not feature sports promises. It is said that the corresponding documents were provided in the complaint statement.

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Potocnik presents himself with his U19 goals for coach Cologne Baumgart's team

Potocnik presents himself with his U19 goals for coach Cologne Baumgart’s team

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The FIFA court plans to announce the ruling in early February. Both clubs did not wish to comment on the case for Sport Bild. After the verdict is pronounced, the parties have the opportunity to appeal to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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