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You are in a good mood again, are you also excited about the heart savagery and a lot of legends? Then you should see “The Northman,” which is now available as a streaming subscription.

89 percent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the best movies of the year according to movie fans and also one of the absolute highlights of 2022 in the official rankings by FILMSTARTS and Moviepilot: Yes, Robert Eggers’ atmospheric Viking epic “The Northman” (“The Witch”) is real painting.

Have you missed the movie yet? Then now you can catch it easier and more cheaply than ever, at least if you’ve subscribed to the right streaming service: Because “The Northman” is now available as a subscription to WOW (formerly the Sky Pass):

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So if you’re a fan of dark, heroic journeys like “Conan the Barbarian,” “The Barbarians,” or “The 13th Warrior,” but have always wanted a little more interest in warrior legends and the stunningly composed imagery in those cases, then “The Northman” is for you. All yours. The official FILMSTARTS review gave it 4 out of a possible 5 stars. Lead critic Christoph Petersen writes in his conclusion: “A raw, blood-soaked, visually stunning Viking epic you’ve never seen before.”

Great cinema full of details

The special thing about “The Northman” is not that Robert Eggers staged a mandatory battle record where the most brutal massacres were at the front. Instead, the brilliant director behind “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse” ultimately places as much value as possible on authenticity: “Even for the boats you only see far out to sea, he used museum-worthy replicas. […] Of course, as a non-Vikings expert, this obsession with detail is virtually impossible to fathom — but you can feel it.”

But really, “Northman” isn’t about painting the most accurate historical picture possible. Instead, Robert Eggers is concerned with showing how people understood their world at the time. This is how raw works Viking epic where corpses are dismembered, people are disemboweled or burned in whole groupson a similar principle to The Witch, in that here “the historical and mythical worlds do not collide—they are completely fused from the start.”

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No great explanations and pictures have been given the word. Once again, Robert Eggers relies on long shots that are made up to the smallest detail. The ingenuity of all those who took part in it was particularly impressive during a raid on the village of Ross. Instead of these brutal action sequences being cut out—as is the norm today—or made confusing with a handheld camera, every little thing could be heard. However, the deadlifts look completely realistic and were absolutely not choreographed in countless drills beforehand.

That’s what Northman is about.

The Dark Age in the year 895: Viking King Orvandel (Ethan Hawke) rules his kingdom and is already planning for the future. He wants to say goodbye to the world of the dead and transfer power to his young son, Amleth (Oskar Novak). But Orvandil’s half-brother Violnir (Klass Pang) has other plans and kills the king to usurp the throne himself. The young prince manages to escape, but he has to watch as Queen Godrin (Nicole Kidman), Amleth’s mother, is captured by his uncle Volnir. He then swears that one day he will avenge his father, free his mother and kill Fjölnir.

Many years later, Amleth has become a powerful warrior (Alexander Skarsgård) who has forgotten the oath of the past. As part of a marauding band, he ruthlessly pillages the land of Ross – until he is reminded of his ancient oath when he raids a village. When he learns that some of the prisoners just taken have been sold to Fjölnir, who has meanwhile been banished from his kingdom to Iceland, he sees his chance. With the support of slave Olga (Anya Taylor-Joy), he begins his ruthless campaign of revenge…

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