AEW “Dynamite #172” Results and Report from Fresno, CA, USA from 01/18/2023 (including voting and videos)

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All Elite Wrestling „Dynamite #172“
Ort: Save Mart Center in Fresno, California, USA
Date: January 18, 2023
Spectators: about 5,000

It’s Wednesday – you know what that means! It’s Dynamite and Excalibur time, Tony Schiavone and Taz welcome us to tonight’s show. We’ll kick off the night with a match for the title: Pan Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy takes on Jay Lethal. If Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt or Satnam Singh interfere in this match, Sonjay Dutt will be kicked out!

1. Match
Singles match
AEW All-Atlantic Championship
Orange Cassidy (c) defeated Jay Lethal via pinfall after the Orange Punch.
Match time: 9:07
Right at the start of the match, the trio accompanying Jay Lethal put themselves in the audience to watch the match up close.
Shortly thereafter, Danhausen approached the three through the crowd and checked tickets. Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta also sat in the front row with popcorn and drinks.
– Cassidy avoided diving elbow drops several times by slowly but surely rolling through the loop.
– The Lethal countered the orange hole into the fatal combination, but Cassidy escaped the pin – rolling again, this time outside the ring.
– At ringside, Jeff Jarrett prepared to attack Best Friends with his guitar, but Danhausen stole it and used it to lure Jay Lethal straight into his jaw.

The match is over, but the last word has not yet been said. Satnaam Singh grabs Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta by the throat in the ring and prepares for a double choke, but Sonjay Dutt stops it. He also stopped Jeff Jarrett’s guitar attack because he didn’t want to be fired. Shortly before Cass can unload the Kicks of Doom, Lethal and his mate leave the field and Cass celebrates his win with some popcorn as usual.

We see a clip of the upcoming TNT Championship match between champion Darby Allen and Kushida.

2. Match
tag team match
Top Flight defeated the Young Bucks via pinfall after Darius Martin pinned Matt Jackson.
Match time: 12:11
– Dante and Darius got a powerbomb/noosedive combination by taking on Matt Jackson, but Nick managed to save his brother in the nick of time.
– Darius Martin, in turn, gave away the Doomsday Device, but was saved by Dante.
– Shortly before the end of the match, the Bucks wanted to finish off Darius with a BTE trigger, but Darius dodged. Pax caught both of their knees and Darius rolled Matt to get the win.
The match received loud cheers from the crowd, “This is awesome.”

After a commercial break, the AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Acclaimed, were supposed to have their say. However, to the dismay of the fans, the Gunn Club appears and steps into the ring!
Colten accepts the microphone and demands respect for the Gunns, “the best tag team in the world” — by his own admission, of course. However, the crowd does not stop chanting “Ass Boys”. Austin opens up about how he and his brother experienced The Acclaimed last week. But without the Gunns, The Acclaimed wouldn’t have become heroes, he claims. The time for humiliation is over.
Now Max Custer and Anthony Bowens actually enter the scene, but Austin screams before Max can start the rap battle until the music turns off. However, Custer wants to know if people really want to listen to the Gunns instead of enjoying his freestyle? He demands Austin’s mic be turned off and now the real fun begins! The Gunns are allowed to hear that without their father they wouldn’t have a job here and that they are the worst sons since Hunter Biden. Caster’s last line is almost entirely censored; He says the Gunns aren’t the bulldogs, they’re just bullshit.
The acclaimed Gunns get out of the ring and Billy Gunn shoots his spoiled sons. Next week, he wants to sit down with the other four and finally sort things out. He only had two words left: “Family therapy!”

Adam Page backstage with Rene Paquette. The Executioner says he’s fine so far. Moxley held him back on his word with a knockout, but with his latest win he was at least able to put that right. If Moxley has anything else to say about it, let him say it to his face. Renee wants to know where he’s going now and after some thought, Paige says he doesn’t want to go into too many details right now. Finally, he asks about John; Of course, Rene says, this defeat hurt him. Page begins to request a message for him, but changes his mind at the last minute and turns to leave.

For the upcoming match, Chris Jericho sits at the commentary desk.

3. Match
Singles match
“Absolute” Ricky Starks defeated Jake Hager (with Chris Jericho, “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard) via pinfall after a spear.
Game time: 6:23

Once the match is over, Ricky Starks runs away into the crowd, knowing full well that he’s running from the Jericho Appreciation Association game.

Next we see a vignette from returnee Adam Cole. He talks about his comeback and the energy that fans in Los Angeles welcomed him with. He promises to crush anyone who gets in his way.

After another break, backstage, Tony Schiavone hosted the Jericho Appreciation Society. Chris Jericho got tired of bragging about Ricky Starks and beat her up. Therefore, he demands a tag team match against himself and Action Andretti. He first declares that the Starks and Andretti will have to deal with the “sex gods”, namely Jericho and Sammy Guevara, but Daniel Garcia steps in and says he wants to be able to take on the Starks himself, especially since with himself Rampage will already be able to take care of Andretti. Jericho was impressed by García’s seemingly renewed fighting spirit, and Guevara agreed, even giving García new leather wrestling pants. Then not “sex gods,” says Jericho, but “garciaco.”

4. Match
Singles match
Bryan Danielson defeated Bandido via pinfall Busaiku’s knee.
Match time: 17:54
– A diverse match at eye level, no doubt the evening match.
– Danielson countered the Frog Splash Bandidos by bending his knees and then locking into the Lebell Lock, which he even switched to a modified Fujiwara armbar. However, Bandido saved himself with a rope break.
– Yes kicks are not recognized with “yes”, but with “si” meaning Bandido, the audience’s favorite.
– Danielson jumped to his feet after attempting the 21 plex, so he didn’t land on his head and thus avoided a knockout.
– A little later Bandido finally managed 21 plexes, but Danielson made the run.

Bryan Danielson wants to pay his respects to Bandido after his win, but suddenly MJF appears on the big screen above the stage. Neither deaf nor dumb: it did not lose him that admirers considered him unworthy of his position. Maybe he needs to remind people how he became a hero. It is believed that Bryan Danielson does not understand that he has not met the real Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Gradually, MJF’s mask would slip and Danielson couldn’t possibly want to. Even if Danielson is a dragon, he’ll soon have to deal with the beast behind the mask.

This is followed by a recorded conversation between Saraya, Tony Storm, and Hikaru Shida. There’s clearly some tension between Saraya and Hikaru over her kendo stick move, so Toni needs to smooth things out a bit. Today you will first take care of Willow Nightingale. Saraya asks Hikaru to stay behind the scenes.

After the trade break, it was confirmed that Brian Cage would be Danielson’s next opponent. In the interview with Renee Paquette, however, he didn’t talk much about it because MJF interrupted him. He arrives with a load of cash and says he doesn’t care if Cage wins or loses – as long as he breaks Danielson’s arm, he can be all that. Cage says it can be fixed, but is suddenly slapped by MJF. Cage goes to his throat, but is stopped by Prince Nana who reminds him of the money involved, so Cage reluctantly lets go. MJF thinks this is exactly what you need: Cage’s hate feel. Because hate, according to the AEW World Champion, is a huge motivator.

5. Match
Singles match
Tony Storm (with Saraya) defeated Willow Nightingale via pinfall after a roll-up.
Game time: 7:13
– Despite Saraya’s order, a few minutes later, Hikaru Shida joins in to watch the match up close. Saraya’s repeated request to disappear again, she does not comply.
– The termination was preceded by the distraction of the companies.

And Saraya wasn’t done yet: She continued to attack Willow until Robbie Suho stormed the ring and held out for her partner. Saraya and Tony Storm leave the arena together, Hikaru in turn saying goodbye to the two…

The following card will appear on Rampage on Friday:

Singles match
Daniel Garcia vs. Action Andretti

Singles match
Brian Cage (with Prince Nana) vs. Willie Mac

Singles match
“All Ego” Ethan Page (w/ Stokely Hathaway) vs. Jack Perry

tag team match
Jade Cargill and Lily Gray vs. ??

We’ll also hear from Eddie Kingston.

After the Rampage is announced, we see a pre-recorded video of Stokely Hathaway and “All Ego” Ethan Page announcing that the fun is over.

Only one match is known for the following version of Dynamite:

Singles match
Brian Cage (with Prince Nana) vs. Brian Danielson

However, it was announced that more matches for Dynamite would be announced at Rampage on Friday.

Prior to tonight’s main event, Renee Paquette interviewed Konosuke Takeshita about his match against Bryan Danielson. Takeshita explains that he’s going back for Danielson because he doesn’t trust MJF, and directs some salty words at the hero in Japanese. Rene hesitantly asks what he just said, to which Takeshita smiles shyly and says he said MJF was an idiot. Nothing to add, Rene agrees and returns back to the arena, where the main event awaits us!

6. Match
Singles match
AEW TNT Championship
Darby Allen (c) (w/ Sting) defeated Kushida (w/ 2 Young Lions) via pinfall after The Last Supper.
Match time: 13:39
– The match featured some highlights, so once TNT Champion Kushida caught him in the air with an armbar.

Allen and Kushida sat on the floor, staring after this tough match before finally shaking hands took place between the opponents. With these pictures, the dynamite ends tonight!

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