After breaking the rules – RTL with a clear declaration

To date, Tessa has caused what may be the most flagrant breach of the rules at jungle camp.

To date, Tessa has caused what may be the most flagrant breach of the rules at jungle camp.Photo: RTL

Jungle camp

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Even before halftime, there were the first scandals of the current jungle camp season. Breaking the rules before Promise It seems to be the order of the day, for example stars Hit like they haven’t in a long time. But what’s even more surprising: RTL does not appear to have sanctioned rule violations, at least not yet, although the broadcaster has cracked down in the past. Accordingly, many viewers are surprised Social media increasingly. But now RTL is attached to this for the first time.

Jungle Camp: Stars Rise

The two weeks at camp are tough enough for the participants, yet RTL isn’t shy about making it more of a hassle for them – at least that’s how it used to be. Anyone who breaks the rules faces consequences. Here, in turn, the announcer has several options: from abolishing cigarette quotas to compulsory delivery of luxury goods.

Example: In the 2022 season, Anushka Renzi carried more earplugs than allowed, which finally blew. This cost her her luxury item.

Jungle Camp: These stars have caused the biggest scandals


Jungle Camp: These stars have caused the biggest scandals

Source: rtl

But this year the picture is different: Numerous rule violations have already occurred, including some very serious ones. But RTL hasn’t stepped in significantly yet. Tessa caused what was probably the biggest scandal, nerves experienced after the disgust test. She was flipping a lot over the mud and dirt on her body the body On that you are the one interview Refusal. The guard had to step inas she was about to head straight back to camp.

Gigi has already entered the misdemeanor list. After his quota of five cigarettes ran out, he simply ransacked the others’ supplies. The night watch didn’t always go according to protocol either, as there are strict rules about using the toilet.

Is RTL too merciful?

the fans The wait-and-see attitude of the broadcaster makes us think. “How many rules have already been broken without penalty?” He asks one person, for example – and demands that the action be taken at the end.

Last but not least, the sanctions will of course also create a tense atmosphere. Which in turn would be in the spirit of that user: “We need more fire out there, do something.”

In fact, it’s hard to imagine that RTL would ever let its stars get away with it all until the very end. So the assumption is that the broadcaster is waiting and will soon encourage a slew of punishments that could hit the celebrity even further. Perhaps the fans should be patient.

RTL announces penalties

Indeed, RTL is finally complying with the demands of the fans. It has already been proven in the past that the broadcaster often collects some rule violations and then severely punishes them. on me Instagram The announcer now writes: “Today Kinder There will be something” and provide the sentence with #violations of the rule. RTL asks its fans what they would like to punish the stars with.

Some of the most obvious suggestions are “no showering,” “giving out luxury items,” or “banning cigarettes.” For example, the Instagram user also suggests that Verena Kerth should whisper for a day and just laugh so softly. A few others allude to the fact that nearly every star has broken the rules: “A really nice bonus for those who stick to the rules, like chocolate bars, spices, mangoes, etc.”user writes.

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