After the death of Rosie Mittermeyer: The Neuruther family says goodbye with a moving obituary

Rosie Mittermeyer passed away on January 4, 2023.

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Ski legend Rosie Mittermeier passed away on January 4 at the age of 72. Family and now widower Christian Noether bid farewell to the skiing legend with a moving obituary.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen / Reit im Winkl – “Are you afraid of death?” the little prince asked the rose. She replied: But no. I have lived, thrived, and used my powers as best I could. And love, a thousandfold, returns to the one who gave it. So I want to wait for the new life and languish without fear and despair.

The sentences came from the book “The Little Prince” by the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Thus begins the obituary notice Neureuther Christian Spouse (73) And the kids Amelia (with life partner Oscar) f Felix (with his wife Miriam and children Matilda, Leo and Lotta) It has now been transformed, including in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Perhaps touching words should show it The double Olympic champion is not afraid of death He was – rather was grateful for her successful and fulfilling life. At the same time, the ad highlights the family’s deep love for her wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother.

Also, in advertising A song of thanks recited by Antaler singers. “Thank you for every day that gives us good health. Thank you for every joy where you think of it. We ask you to walk with us today and always. Ask for blessings from above until eternity”, is reading. the Inntaler singers come from Flintsbach (District Rosenheim) As one of the four male ballads, it has shaped Bavarian folk music for decades.

“The Little Prince” – one of the most successful books in the world

Antoine de Saint Exupery (1900-1944) war French writer And the pilot. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was already a recognized and successful author during his lifetime and became a cult author in the post-war decades, even though he saw himself as a professional pilot who only wrote on the side. his fairy talelittle prince(Original title: The Little Prince) he heard With over 140 million copies sold, it is one of the most successful books in the world.

little prince Story with own illustrations. The book was first published in New York in 1943. The Little Prince is seen as a literary application of its author’s moral reasoning and knowledge of the world and a critique of the decline of society’s values. The work is an Art Nouveau fairytale and is always interpreted as an appeal to friendship and humanity. It is often considered the standard work in French school lessons in Germany.

He passed away on January 4th at the age of 72

Rosie Mittermeyer was working January 4 at the age of 72 after a serious illness He died in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. reported this. Mittermeier was born in 1950 Winklmoos Alm near Reit im Winkl (Traunstein district), where she matured into a ski star. It gained worldwide fame in 1976 when it was Gold in downhill and slalom and silver in giant slalom at the Olympic Games in Innsbruck won – won. It has since been affectionately called “Gold-Rosi”.

Mittermeier was known for her kindness, humility, and helpfulness. After her career, she wasn’t left with just her Dream marriage with Christian Neureuther and their son Felix. She has been a patron of many charitable projects and an important ambassador for sport, even beyond Bavaria’s borders. Premier Markus Söder (CSU) also paid tribute to her with poignant words: “Rosie Mittermeier was not only a successful athlete, but An example for all of us. We will all miss her dedication to her fellow human beings, her big heart and her unforgettable dedication.”


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