AirPods for 99 euros? Here’s what we know so far about the Apple AirPods Lite

The Apple AirPods perform well in our tests: they provide above-average sound, and in the second generation AirPods Pro, they also offer excellent noise cancellation. However, we always have two criticisms: they need an iOS device to run well, and they are relatively expensive. Now there are increasing indications that Apple is working on some kind of “AirPods Lite”, which could be available for as little as 99 euros. what’s up

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Release: When can we expect the cheapest AirPods?

As is often the case when it comes to Apple leaks, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is at the center of the rumors. the last tweetedIn late 2024 to late 2025, Apple will release AirPods that are around $99 cheaper, as well as a new generation of headphones. Apple AirPods Max imagine. Another analyst, Jeff Bo of Haitong Int. TechResearch, also spoke recently outside of “AirPods Lite”.

2023 should, As Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman writes, keep quiet about Apple headphones. The next AirPods entering the market in 2024 or 2025 fits well with current information about the future plans of the Apple group. For smart home enthusiasts, while no new AirPods are expected in 2023, Gurman believes we’ll see the long-awaited device this year. Apple HomePod 2 Look.

Price: Apple AirPods Lite under €100?

So far, Apple seems to be targeting the $99 price tag for its more affordable AirPods. There is no information yet on the price for Germany. The price in this country should at least be significantly lower than 159 euros. That’s how much Apple is currently charging for the AirPods 2, which cost $129 in the US.

Apple AirPods Lite overview
The cheapest AirPods currently cost 159 euros. | Image: Apple

Competition: Sony and Samsung with cheap alternatives

The direct competitors of Apple in the in-ear segment are likely to be Sony and Samsung. Even their flagship model, Sony WF-1000XM4 or the Galaxy Buds2 ProIt requires a very large budget. At the same time, these brands also offer cheap alternatives in the form of Sony LinkBuds S. or the Galaxy Buds2. With a little luck, you can get the latter for less than 80 euros. Apple headphones For about $100 to deal with those in the ear live up.

Features: AirPods Lite with or without noise cancellation?

The standard AirPods, currently only available in the second and third generation, are reduced in size compared to the Pro and Max models. So they do not offer noise cancellation. the AirPods 3 Support for 3D Custom Audio with head tracking, but the AirPods 2 don’t. The question is whether the planned 2024 model will be “AirPods Lite” or “AirPods Pro Lite”. Since Apple’s main goal seems to be to become more competitive in the lower price segment, we are currently assuming “AirPods Lite”. This means that the $99 model will not come with active noise cancellation. 3D sound may also be missing.

Bald AirPods with USB-C?

You may have noticed: the European Union has Making USB-C the global charging standard. The law will enter into force at the end of 2024. Here too Gorman has already commentedHe wrote in his October 2022 newsletter that Apple’s next headphones — be it AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max — will be based on USB-C. But there is also a loophole: the USB-C obligation only applies to electronic devices that can in principle be charged via cable. In theory, Apple could also offer headphones that can only be charged wirelessly.

All of this is just speculation so far. There is still a long way to go before the end of 2024 (or even early 2025). Who knows how the AirPods portfolio will evolve in the meantime. We will of course keep you updated if we hear anything new.

What do you wish for in a cheaper AirPods model? What feature do you think should not be missing? Write it in the comments!

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