Alec Baldwin remains frustrated and a defiant conundrum in the aftermath of the shooting on Rust | Alec Baldwin

Whatever happened, or will happen, in the eventful career of movie star Alec Baldwin, his name is linked to that of cinematographer Helena Hutchins, who was tragically killed in a movie set in New Mexico in 2021. Baldwin accidentally fired a gunshot from a gun used as prop. . Now it is He faces criminal charges of manslaughter, despite a private legal settlement Baldwin reportedly reached with the Hutchins family.

Alec Baldwin’s mercurial, defiant, and emotionally antagonistic demeanor — which has been part of his existence as an actor and public figure — has been evident since the shooting. He gave an emotional interview last August in which he blamed the armourer and props assistant but refused to blame himself and offered notes of theatrical self-pity, talking about the acting jobs he’s lost and thanking his wife Hilaria: “If I hadn’t had my wife, I don’t know where.” I will now be…” Not a tactful thing to say, as Matt Hutchins mourns the loss of his wife.

Baldwin has no apparent desire to back down from the limelight. Last month, he hosted the glitzy Ripple Of Hope gala in New York City, giving the award to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their racial justice activism, praising their handling of “difficult conditions in journalism” and joking that he could be their “chauffeur.” This was exactly the kind of relationship between celebrities and liberals where Baldwin is home-grown optimist.
Baldwin began his film career as a large leading man in films such as Working Girl (1988) and The Hunt For Red October (1990) but has transformed (and swelled) into a complex and powerful character actor – while often lamenting his failures to do so. Closing Hollywood Alpha status. He was a career linchpin signaled by his memorable cameo as the bullying salesman in David Mamet’s film version of Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), snarling: “Always be close.” In this new persona, he worked with directors like Woody Allen (for whom he was a great advocate) and Martin Scorsese, and earned an Oscar nomination for his brilliant performance in Wayne Kramer’s mystery drama in Vegas. radiator.

But his brand of celebrity got a boost from his almost constant appearances in the media for messy behavior: He broke up in the most acrimonious manner with wife Kim Basinger, and in an angry voicemail addressed to his pre-teen daughter that leaked to the press, called her a “shameless little pig.” mindless,” in that unmistakable bass rasp. He shocked a photographer, was thrown from a plane for refusing to drop his electronic device, reacted with outrage when she mocked Hilaria’s claims of a Hispanic background, and furiously attacked the Daily Mail for implying she was tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral.

Indeed, realistic to the likable—and brilliantly written and performed—Mr. Hyde becomes the Dr. Jekyll character created for him by Tina Fey in the TV comedy 30 Rock: Jack Donaghy, the zany, reactionary Republican TV producer with nothing but a disdain for liberals. Baldwin also had a long-running role on Saturday Night Live playing Donald Trump.

When I interviewed Baldwin, I saw for myself how “alive” this complex and enchanted man was always: like many of the journalists who interviewed him, I found it like talking to Jack Donaghy, and how Baldwin loved making people laugh, or at least exciting his presence. Smiling comedy series. His comedy career was very important to him. Watch his appearance opposite Jerry Seinfeld on the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series, and you’ll see – despite all the laughter and banter about him – how wounded and sensitive he is, and how desperate he is for celebrity status as Seinfeld. It is the dark presence of Saturn.

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