All three zodiac signs are going to have an even worse week — here’s why they’re feeling so emotional

This could be the start of a brand new astrological season, but the repercussions of this month’s brutally frank Venus conjunction are still lingering over our heads. This may seem like an unexpected wake-up call, especially with disruptive Uranus centered direct that same day. But it’s time to get your ducks in a row, that’s why three These zodiac signs will have the worst week From January 23 to 29. Although this is not necessarily cause for concern, you are encouraged to prioritize logic over emotion at this time.

worried much? If you’re feeling dizzy and disoriented at the start of the week, it’s likely thanks to the Moon’s entry Pisces are sleepy and emotional On January 23rd. Where does this mysterious water sign fit into your chart? Luna will eventually equalize With Mars in Gemini, which creates friction between your ideals versus hard facts. Don’t spin around hoping to grasp the unknown – harness your energy instead. You will have a nice recovery, as you will meet the sun With Jupiter in Aries By a harmonious sextile the next day…but even so, the leap of faith will be easier said than done with all that may need to be thought of beforehand.

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Venus enters flirtatious, imaginative, and highly romantic Pisces on January 26th, which will lighten the air—especially when it comes to love, friendship, and aesthetics—but we’re also prone to succumbing to illusions, so it’s up to you to step away from the smoke and mirrors. Topics surrounding your value systems, spending habits, and general sense of security will still be high on your mind when the Moon is out He enters Taurus, which is ruled by Venus on January 27th, but mostly during the first quarter moon of that week on January 28th.

If you have Sun sign Wow tag height You happen to fall under any of the zodiac signs below, which is why you’re likely to think a lot about things this week:

These 3 zodiac signs are going to have the worst week

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iMaxTree;  Adobe.  Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

iMaxTree; Adobe. Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

Don’t make it twisted – being ruled by Venus *sure* has its perks, but after last week’s Venus debacle, you’re probably still in your head. This is especially true when it comes to your money and your sense of security, but slow and steady wins the race, and you know this better than anyone. That said, while you’re prone to second-guessing things at the start of the week, you’ll want to make sure you harness the Sun’s sextile to Jupiter on January 24, and maybe get some work done behind the scenes.

For the first quarter moon in your sign on January 28th, feel free to lean on your peers and community for support. Your ruler, Venus, will already be in Pisces (where it’s rising), so if you’re into your feelings or perhaps a little more uptight than usual, listening to music and/or expressing yourself artistically can help soothe some of the friction.

iMaxTree;  Adobe.  Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

iMaxTree; Adobe. Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

If you’re lacking motivation, or perhaps stressing about the results of a recent investment, take a moment to gather your thoughts this week. For example, the Moon will shine through Pisces at the beginning of the week, illuminating your responsible sixth house of daily routines, work rituals, and healthy habits. However, while you respond twice under this moon, it’s important to be kind to yourself, even if it means taking a personal day to focus.

Venus (your planetary ruler) entering this area of ​​your chart on January 26 helps relieve some of the tension, but the First Quarter Moon (ruled by Venus) on January 27 is all the more reason to incorporate this compassion and alertness into your intimate unions. Vulnerability is a great strength, and you are not alone.

iMaxTree;  Adobe.  Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

iMaxTree; Adobe. Design: Sierra Miller / Stylecaster.

Feeling gloomy? If you are running out of energy at the beginning of the week, it is most likely due to the Moon entering Pisces, your fourth house of home, family, and your innermost feelings. You are more sensitive to the emotional currents that surround you, so be sure to distinguish between what is yours versus what you actively receive. Make sure you make room for your own care and feeding.

Also, last week’s sad Venus conjunction touched your third house of mind and immediate surroundings. Consequences (not to mention feelings of restriction and general sadness) can subconsciously blend into your daily routine, specifically on January 28 during the first quarter Moon in Taurus. However, this depends on how transparent you are with your loved ones.

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