Alpine skiing: Ice Strasser skiing missed the podium in the slalom thriller

Status: 01/15/2023 2:17 PM

Ski racer Linus Straßer just missed out on his first podium in Wengen with fourth place. The fastest was the Norwegian Henrik Christoffersen, who still prevented the first victory of a Swiss in 36 years.

Slalom ace Linus Straßer makes peace with his “rival”: Munich finished fourth in the classics in Wengen. The 30-year-old has never looked better in the Bernese Oberland.

Henrik Kristoffersen snatched victory again in a very exciting slalom final on Sunday (15.01.2023). With his dream in the final, the Norwegian prevented the first victory of a Swiss since 1987 at the Lauberhorn. Kristoffersen edged local champion Loic Millard, who had been leading at halftime, into second and celebrated his third victory in Wengen. Lukas Brathen made the Norwegian festival perfect with a third place finish.

Henrik Kristoffersen celebrates his victory in the Wengen slalom.

Strasser is smart, but not fast enough

Straßer has shown once again that he is one of the absolute world leaders in slalom. In the first race, he took advantage of his early start with the number (2) and finished fourth. In the second round, he kept his podium chances alive with a smart run and saw the ‘1’ blink at the finish. The next three competitors didn’t do him any favors as they did him. This is how it ended up with fourth place – and Straßer wasn’t entirely satisfied with that: “I thought, dammit, you can drive faster.”In the first and afterward, Strasser says: “It’s getting better, but I’ll carry the result with me. It gives me security for the next races.”

In the men’s slalom race in Wengen, Linus Straßer was able to establish a good starting position in the first run. Will the German make it to the podium?

Difficult Downhill, Difficult Course – “No Chance From Start #5”

The slalom in Wengen was not fair. In the first round, only the top athletes really had a chance to set the best time in warm temperatures on a very twisty course. Sports programming expert Felix Neuwerther spoke about “gags”Which made the zig zag artists desperate.

Neureuther Critical: “Since starting number 5 you don’t have a chance anymore.” Any examples? Britain’s Dave Riding and Alexis Pintorault of France with starting numbers 13 and 14 were more than three seconds behind leader Millard – and therefore had no chance of making it to the top finish.

Holzmann is the second best German

The combination of a difficult piste and a difficult track was also fatal for the remaining six German ski racers. Only Sebastian Holzmann made it into the Top 30 final in 25th place, but he was 5:09 seconds slower than the best half time. Without all the big fireworks, but solidly, Holzmann finished 18th in the final, thus scoring World Cup points for the third time this season. “It was a smoother ride. I’m satisfied with the ride.”said Holzman at the ARD.

30 (!) Beginners do not reach the finish line

30 record-breaking athletes did not reach the finish line in the first round. This fate also befell four DSV athletes, all of whom had preliminary numbers over 40. Alexander Schmid (Oberstdorf), Anton Tremmel (Rotach Eggern), who achieved their best World Cup finish of 13th in the final slalom in Adelboden , Fabian Himmelsbach (SC Sonthofen) and Adrian Messin (SC Garmisch) juggled and hurled. themselves. David Ketterer (SSC Schwenningen) crossed the finish line but missed turn two in 34th.

The weather changes very much

Setting up the slope was a challenge: The weather could change between passes. After eight or nine degrees in the first run, temperatures suddenly dropped to almost freezing and snow fell heavily. Now a good perspective was required – and Kristofferson had it.

In the men’s slalom race in Wengen, German Linus Straßer was able to establish an excellent starting position.

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