Americans are also tired of Meghan and Harry

zAt least in the United States Prince Harry The allegations against the British royal family have not been beneficial to the royal family and his wife, Meghan. As calculated by Newsweek by the Institute of Polls, the Sussex duchess’s popularity plummeted after the publication of a biography, Spear, last week.

In a Redfield & Wilton poll conducted in early December, 52 percent of Americans surveyed expressed sympathy for Prince Harry. At the time, only 14 percent said he was King’s youngest son Charles III. You do not like. According to Newsweek, its so-called +38 approval rating at the time has now fallen 45 points to -7.

Also for the Californian Duchess Meghan It doesn’t look good The popularity score of the former series (“Suits”) actress fell 36 points to -13 after “Spear”. Nearly half of those surveyed said they hate their husbands for posting private conversations with family members.

The book is still a bestseller

The first edition of Harry’s fully translated German biography has already been delivered. Publisher Penguin Random House announced Thursday. Accordingly, 200,000 copies of the book entitled “Reserve” (original title: “Spare”) were sold to bookstores. Another release with 150,000 copies is now on its way. The German version of the book was bought 40,000 times on the day of publication alone, January 10th. The title is also developing into an international bestseller.

In his autobiography, Harry provides insight into the private lives of the royal family and his emotional world in unprecedented detail. In it, he describes his life in the shadow of his brother William, who is two years his senior, and how he dealt with the early death of his mother, Princess Diana. Harry also accuses his family of colluding with the tabloids. He blames the media for Diana’s fatal car accident and accuses them of waging a defamation campaign against his wife, Megan.

Harry and Meghan fell out with other royals and separated from the royal family’s inner circle about three years ago. Harry had privately fallen out with his father, King Charles III, and his brother, William, who was now the heir to the throne. He now lives in California, USA with his wife and two children, Archie and Lilibet.

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