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It is said that King Charles is planning a major change for his coronation.Bild: AP POOL / Alastair Grant


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Preparations for the coronation of King Charles III. I started a long time ago. On May 6, Charles will be officially crowned King at Westminster Abbey. “The coronation will depict the king’s role today and look to the future, while being rooted in time-honoured traditions and processions.”Palace said in an official statement last October.

But speculation has long circulated that Charles could break some of the traditions surrounding the coronation. And now there are tentative indications that the new king does indeed want to do something decisively different from his predecessors.

Charles can provide intimate insights

again “telegraphReportedly, Charles may be planning changes to coronation ceremonies that address one important point in particular: Traditionally, the monarch is anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The cleric puts holy oil on the so-called “coronational spoon” and anoints the king’s hands, head and chest with it.

Only this important part of the coronation ceremony takes place behind closed doors, so to speak. Monarch under the umbrella, so that the people You can’t see him in church and TV cameras can’t take pictures of him. But that is exactly what Charles would now like to change.

June 2, 1953: Coronation Day.  Queen Elizabeth II leaving the Abbey by the Great West Door.  , coronation , coronation ceremonies , queen , holidays , feast , coronation celebration , fifties , fifties ...

Compared to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III. A lot has changed.Bild: imago stock & people / United Archives International

The Telegraph writes that Charles is said to have a new parachute made from a clear top. Thus, the camera can even capture the intimate moment in which Charles can be seen with his chest topless. According to the report, the Royal School of Needlework is already working on such a special umbrella.

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This will be a first for the king. If Charles did indeed choose to be publicly anointed, the consequences would be far-reaching. It can also affect what the king wears at his coronation. Because he has many options available.

Thus, Charles could opt for a traditional dress consisting of silk stockings, tailcoats, and a sumptuous robe made of velvet, silk, damask, and moonsault. An alternative to this is the so-called “supertunica”, a long coat made of golden silk with sleeves. George V, Charles’s grandfather, chose this garment.

But palace officials are said to be very concerned about Charles’ choice of uniform. Because both the Marshal of the Royal Air Force and the uniform of the Admiral of the Royal Navy Fleet, which Charles could wear at his coronation, are not so easy to take off.

The palace feared that if Charles had television cameras covering his swabs, his military shirts could be difficult to put on and take off. In particular, the Royal Navy’s uniform, double-breasted, is likely to present a challenge to the adjutants.

No final decision yet?

Which robe Charles actually chooses at the end must have a lot to do with the question of whether the camera is allowed to film the moment he is swept away. The report on an alleged second Balldachhin, which had no transparent roof, makes that likely. But The Telegraph also wrote that Charles should not have committed himself to either option. So it is very likely that the audience will find out on short notice if this is the first time in story Of the British royal family insinuated this intimate moment of the coronation ceremony or not.

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