An expert explains the effects of Tessa’s illness

RTL - Jungle Camp 2023. Tessa Bergmeier On the occasion of the departure of the candidates of the RTL program Ich bin ein Star - Get me out of here to Jungle Camp 2023 in Australia on January 2, 2023 on the flight ...

Tessa Bergmeier suffers from bipolar disorder.Bild: IMAGO Pictures / STAR-MEDIA


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“I am 60 percent severely disabled because I have bipolar disorder.”“I’m a star – get me out of here!”, Tessa Bergmeier says directly on the first day of this year’s season. On the tenth day, she was the third celebrity to do so Jungle camp Leaving.

Soon after moving to the camp, she clashes first with Julina Menin over family allocation and then with Claudia Effenberg. She claimed she had a “handicap” because she had pain in her foot from walking long distances to the camp, and is therefore currently unable to walk.

CAUTION: ALL MEDIA BLOCKED PERIOD UNTIL SATURDAY, 01/14/2023, 12:30AM!!!  First day at camp.  There's the first feud between Tessa Bergmeyer (left) and Jolina Menen.  Use the relevant charge...

The first argument did not last long on the first day in the jungle camp. Here between Tessa (left) and Jolina.Photo: RTL+

Tessa replies that it bothers her when the term “disabled” is used “so that it works without interference” because she herself has a disability.

But what does bipolar disorder mean for those affected and how might participation in a television format like Jungle Camp be affected? Did her behavior ultimately lead to her having to leave the camp now? Watson spoke to Dr. Stefan Rubeck, chief physician at the Oberberg Clinic Berlin-Brandenburg and the Oberberg Die Kurfürstendamm clinic and an expert on bipolar disorders.

Severe disability due to bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by manic and depressive phases.Röpke explains in an interview with Watson. Previously, you needed very little sleep, made a lot of plans, and had a lot of new ideas. However, only in a mild form of hypomania. Röpke describes at this point, sufferers often feel almost normal.

However, this can quickly turn unrealistic. “You spend a lot of money, you win Travel Much higher than you normally would. In extreme cases, patients must be forced into treatment because they would put themselves in dangerRobecki says. In the manic phase, you may lose yourself completely life Destruction, getting into deep debt, quitting your job, ending relationships.

Then comes the stage of depression. In this episode of illness, Rupke explains, patients are more likely to seek treatment voluntarily.

Bipolar literally means two poles. However, again no. Because between mania and depression there is also this “semi-healthy”, explains the expert.

These stages can be of different lengths and differ from patient to patient. Sometimes days, sometimes months, sometimes weeks. In addition, the severity of the disease varies. This in turn means that severely disabled people are issued ID cards with different characteristics.

Daily life is not possible in the manic phases

On the first day at jungle camp, Tessa also said she had a severe handicap of 60%. This led to many question marks for Claudia Effenberg and some other campers. For outsiders, they often associate a severe disability with physically visible limitations.

CAUTION: ALL MEDIA BLOCKED PERIOD UNTIL SATURDAY, 01/14/2023, 12:30AM!!!  First day at camp.  Tessa Bergmeier and Cosimo Citiolo have a common past: the auditor from Neckar gave her ...

Tessa has already messed with some celebs at jungle camp.Image: rtl+

However, the Principles of Medicare also include regulation of bipolar disorders. Accordingly, the severity of the disability ranges from 30 to 50 percent if it is one or two stages per year over several weeks. People with bipolar disorder who alternate manic and depressive phases more than once or twice a year are considered to be severely disabled in the 60 percentile.

Severely disabled because sufferers cannot adjust to normal structures in the manic phase. Röpke explains:

“In the manic phase, people are unfit for everyday life.”

“They can no longer make a career, offend, they have many conflicts with relatives.” As the partner of someone in the manic phase, you can’t stand it, says the expert.

Tessa is a mother of two. In 2015 and 2019 she gave birth to her daughters. Whether they are currently in range a relationship unknown. “As a single mother who’s in a manic phase, it’s very difficult,” says Röpke. Often you are no longer able to do this Kinder to teach adequately. Those affected are very dependent on the support of the family, which is usually very concerned about the person.

However, the course of the disease can be partially controlled with medicationThe expert explains.

Participation in TV shows is still possible

But what about, say, jobs that are performed in front of the camera, like that of a presenter or if, like Tessa, you’re part of a TV show? Such people cannot simply cancel such a project, since participation in it is contractually regulated.

“The stages announce themselves in advance”, Rubik says. While in very rare cases sufferers can fall into a different phase from one moment to the next, most people go through one or two phases a year. The manic phase for several weeks or months, the depressive phase and for the rest of the year it is the phase in which one behaves almost normally.

And therefore:

“In many cases, those affected can live stably for many years – with the right medication.”

Likewise in the case of Tessa. Because her friend and companion Lotta recently revealed in the official Podcast To Jungle Camp: “Tessa’s Recessive Disease.” This means that she is currently asymptomatic. In the past, Tessa was mainly manic and non-depressive. “With treatments and medication, I’m practically cured for the time being, but it can always break out,” Lotta said.

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