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Archives - October 21, 2022, Saxony, Leipzig: German singer Anna Karina Wojciech and her husband, musician Stefan Meros, take part in the TV show

Stefan Moros and Anna Karina Wojciech are going their separate ways.Photo: German Press Agency GmbH / Hendrik Schmidt

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Anna-Karina Wojciech and Stefan Moross were considered a dream couple in the hit world six years ago a relationship Divorced in november 2022. In the th interview With “ColorfulNow the former ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’ nominee offers an insight into the intimate details that happened behind the scenes of her very public relationship with Stefan Moross.

marriage stars It was one to touch, because fans Written by Anna Karina Wojciech and Stefan Moross could have told their love story from the start television Follow along. In 2016, the 23-year-old met the successful star of his own show, and after a few months they met one party across the road again.

On a joint tour, the two finally became a couple, and since then they’ve been spending “every day together,” says the 30-year-old.

Archives - November 30, 2019, Thuringia, Suhl: Folk musician Stefan Meros makes a marriage proposal to singer Anna Karina and Weitchack at the program Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights on ARD.  They stood as...

Stefan Merros has submitted an application for “The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights”.Photo: dpa/Michael Reichel

The marriage proposal followed live on TV in 2019. In front of an audience of millions, the 47-year-old knelt in front of his partner at the time.

Anna Karina Wojciech: Strain in Stefan Moros’ marriage

The couple could not be so closely related both personally and professionally, as the singer now says in an interview – “Even after a fight, we had to come out on stage singing and smiling about our fight.” Then came the Corona pandemic and Anna Karina Wojciech and her husband were “together 24/7”.

The closeness he loved Stefan Moross, but was too restrictive for the 30-year-old today. I was forced to say, “There was little room to breathe.”

In the past year, the couple’s situation has completely changed: they have thrown many parties without him and only see each other on weekends. The relationship began to fall apart when this spatial separation became too much for the musician, but Moross wanted his partner, who was 17 years his junior, to “always be close to him”. “He also said publicly that he suffers from it,” the singer recalled in an interview.

Anna Karina Wojciech found the distance very refreshing. “Finally I had time to think about our relationship in peace,” she continues. She believes that marriage should work even “if everyone does their own thing and you give each other some space.” An idea Stefan Moross might not have shared with her.

The two couldn’t reconcile their differences and things were “bitter for a year” before the couple decided to go their separate ways.

An amicable breakup despite the long struggle

Relationship problems even affected the musician’s health. She recalled: “I wasn’t feeling well emotionally and physically. I lost weight, had skin problems, and couldn’t sleep well.”

But Anna Karina Wojciech also admits: “At first I didn’t want to break up at all, I just wanted to change something in our marriage.”

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Today she describes separation as a “process”.

“I fought so much for this love, we both shed so many tears.”

Anna Karina Wojciech

In the end, it was inevitable that there would be a way out and the couple “draw a line together.”

Today, Anna-Carina Woitschack wishes she had approached the relationship with Stefan Moross more calmly. “We’ve been in this public maelstrom practically from the first minute,” she complains, and concludes: “We couldn’t get to know each other peacefully, go out, or go to the movies.”

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