Apple and Meta just dropped off Glassdoor’s 100 Best Places to Work list

For years, Apple and the Meta have been considered the crème de la creme of tech companies, with employees delirium About their culture, values, benefits and privileges. But according to New data from GlassdoorThe two tech giants are no longer as prominent as they used to be.

It also launches its own Glassdoor 100 best places to work Report 2023 Both companies are absent from the list. Last year, Meta ranked #47, a big drop from 11th place in 2021. Likewise, Apple came in at 56th last year, after it was ranked 31st in 2021.

To select the list, Glassdoor analyzed anonymous reviews posted by employees on the platform. They considered “hundreds of thousands” of businesses with 1,000 or more employees between October 19, 2021, and October 17, 2022. The winners are ranked in an overall Glassdoor rating achieved using a 5-point scale: 1.0 being not very satisfied and 5.0 being very satisfied. .

Daniel Zhao, chief economist at Glassdoor, says the absence of Apple and Meta from this year’s list is “absolutely staggering.”

“Apple has been on the list for 15 years, since the inception of the list,” Zhao told CNBC Make It. “Then Meta has been on the list since 2011, and it was actually number one in the past… That doesn’t mean Meta and Apple are bad places to work, they just fell a little bit given how competitive the list was this year.”

Moreover, Zhao says the two companies “face challenges” that could play a role in their lack of visibility.

“Last year for Apple, the process of returning to the office was met with a mixed response from employees. And then for Meta, they’re going through a major strategic shift. And we see from employee reviews that employees are still not sure how that will pan out.”

After several delays due to covid and apple hammered When they return to their office plans, which require employees to be in the office three days a week starting September 5, 2022. Pay for retreat Against company policy to return to the office. Tech.coBusiness technology news resource. reports that at the time, 67% of employees were dissatisfied with the policy, and 56% expressed a desire to leave the company.

Meta made headlines on November 9, 2022 when it announced its largest Technical layoff Year – The company has laid off 13% of its staff, more than 11,000 employees. In a letter, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees they would also take a number of additional steps to become a more agile and efficient company by reducing discretionary spending and extending our hiring freeze through the first quarter.

After the announcement, some of the remaining employees headed to Blind, the anonymous employee discussion board, to air their opinions. CNBC make it Jennifer Liu mentioned That according to a survey of 1,179 US Meta workers on the blind from November 10-11, 31% of remaining employees said they would recommend their employer to a friend, and 55% believed the company acted prudently during the layoff.

With the new year approaching, Zhao says, “there is more uncertainty about how things will play out in the near future” for employees still working at Meta and Apple.

This withdrawal has made way for newcomers to join the list of best places to work, including Spotify, Lego Group and Gainsight.

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