Arnold Schwarzenegger Advanced Chest and Back Workout

As you would expect from a workout former Mr. Olympia and GOAT bodybuilders use Arnold Schwarzenegger In its pomp, this workout is not for the faint of heart and it comes with a disclaimer. Some people wanted to see my true cultivation from the golden age. I want to give a serious warning. If you haven’t been training for a really long time, that’s not a good idea, says Schwarzenegger.

The workout starts with (incidental) 10 minutes of stomach muscles And it continues with the king of compound movements: Deadlift. In retrospect, you leave no stone unturned as you make your way through Shamil An increase in the size of the cells Questioning.

It took at least two hours, and then I went back to the gym for another two hours at night. I was BodyBuilding A champion, and I was also a European weightlifting champion.

We’re sure a single workout for the day will suffice, and as Schwarzenegger says “If you feel like it’s too much, stop.”

“You’ve been the way it is for so long, you’re not going to reboot as a different person overnight, so the way you get to your big vision is through achievable goals,” he adds.

In other words, scale work out To fit your abilities rather than your ego.

Ab warm up

5 sets / 30 seconds rest between sets

Ab exercises, ab exercises

Hollow body static – 30 seconds

Start by lying on your back. Push your back into the floor as you exhale. take up shoulders and your head while raising your legs to 45 degrees with your feet off the ground. Extend your arms over your head and your legs as straight as possible without letting your lower back hit the floor.

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V-Sit Crunch x 5 reps

Start by lying on your back with your feet about an inch off the floor. Keep your hands at the sides of your head and bring your knees up toward your chest into a V-sit position so that you feel yourself Nucleus get engaged. Reverse the movement. To undo this exercise, you can complete it as a normal sit-up with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Ab exercises, ab exercises

Russian twists x 10 reps

Start in a V-sit position, sitting with your knees bent, feet off the floor, chest up, and core of the body engaged. Instead, use light dumbbells body weight. Holding dumbbells in both hands, rotate your upper body in alternating directions while keeping your hips seated evenly on the floor. If you start to feel the exercise in your lower back rather than your abdominal muscles, step forward slightly and consider stepping back from the exercise by planting your feet on the floor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Advanced Chest and Back Workout


1: Deadlifts x 3 sets, 10, 8, and 6 reps

Choose a weight that pushes your effort to an 8 out of 10 at the end of all three sets. Walk your legs up to the bar with your feet under your hips. Deadlift It is an articulated movement. Imagine closing a car door with your butt while sending your hips behind your heels and reaching your hands toward the bar. Your shoulders should be over the bar and your middle foot under it. Keeping your back and head in a straight line, tuck your shoulder blades into your back pockets while holding your torso rigid to create tension between you and the bar. You should hear the plates click. Push the floor away from you while keeping the bar close. Lock your hips without returning the weight and reversing the movement. Take a ’90s vibe between sets.

Superset 1 – do 4 sets

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2A: Wide handle chin lift x 10

While recommend weighted programming Chin upsYou can perform this exercise slumped using bands or with your own body weight. Chin-ups require a supinated (rest facing you) grip. It can be performed with bent legs like the MH show or with straight legs and feet bent. Take a wide grip on the bar. With your core engaged, rock your scapula down to begin the movement. Lead the bar toward you as you exhale. Resist the bottom of the movement and keep your core tight to avoid swinging.

incline db press

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2b: incline dumbbell press: 15, 12, 8, and 6 reps

With the seat set at 30 degrees, lie down with your spine slightly arched and hunched over deaf bells above your chest. Have a neutral grip (palms inward). Inhale as you lower the dumbbells. Your elbows should be slightly folded into an arrow shape. Feel a large stretch in your chest before you exhale and push the dumbbells back to the starting position. Squeeze the chest muscles while lifting the rib cage at the top of the movement.

Superset 2 – do 4 sets

3a. Flat Barbell Bench Press x 15, 12, 8, 6 reps

Thinking about your chest will feel more tired than before Comprehensive packageadjust the weight selection a touch less than normal bench press For strength sets, keep the weight steady throughout and let the decrease in the repetition range get you through. Lay the bench flat and start lying on your back with your nose under the bar and a slight arch in your back. Reach toward the bar with a wide grip and separate it so it’s just above your chest. Slowly lower the bar to touch the bottom of your chest muscles, keeping your chest engaged. Push the bar away from you until it returns to the starting position.

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3 b. Pull ups x 15 reps

Start with an open fist (palms facing away from you) with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. You can start with your legs bent or straight. With your core locked, shrug your shoulder blades up to your ears, then back and down to begin the movement for optimal latitude recruitment. Drive the bar toward your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Slowly lower yourself to the starting position but maintain the core engagement to prevent swinging. If you need to undo the exercise, you can use a strap or try on inverted rows.

Superset 3 – do 4 sets

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4A. Dumbbell fly x 10 reps

It is important that for this exercise you choose a weight that is much lighter than the dumbbell bench press. At this point, your chest and arms will feel strong. Start with dumbbells up above your chest with a slight bend in your arms. However, this time, with the palms facing in (neutral grip). Slowly open them out until you get a large stretch across your chest, without overextending your elbows, keeping them taut and keeping them bent. Exhale and push the dumbbells back to their original position. Embrace the stretching and compression action of the signature Arnold pump.

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4 b. Wide-grip barbell rows x 12 reps

Lift the barbell off the ground into a bent hinge position With the bar touching your thighs and a wide grip. Keep your head in line, your midsection tight, and your hips behind your heels. With your shoulders away from your ears, slide the barbell toward your hips while pressing your shoulder blades back and down. Slowly lower the barbell until it grates your thighs and you get a wide stretch between your shoulder blades.

Triple Set 1 – Do 4 sets

Back home workouts

5a. Barbell pullovers x 15 reps

in this tradition An increase in the size of the cells Triple set, choose a much lower weight than the bench press. Start with the barbell on your chest, a slight bend in the arms and an overhand grip (palms facing away from you). Lower the barbell over your head until you feel a stretch in your shoulders and chest, let your ribcage flare but keep your core tight and don’t overextend your spine. Engage your back to return the barbell to its original position.

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5 b. Dips x to fail

This exercise can be undone to use a looped bar between the bars. Standing between the parallel bars, jump so that your feet are off the ground with your knees bent. Lock the shoulders away from your ears. Lean forward and lower your body toward the bars so that your elbows are bent behind you, close to your waist. Push the bars away from you until you return to the starting position. Work to failure, or undo the workout when you hit your last reps with eccentric lowers.

chest fly

5 c. Dumbbell fly x 12 to 15 reps

It is important that you drop the weight for this set from the previous set flies You completed due to the high repetition range and position in the exercise. Start with the weights up above your chest with your palms facing in. Inhale with a slight bend in your arms, slowly opening them out until you get a large stretch across your chest. Exhale and push the dumbbells back to their original position. Since this will be your last chance in the exercise to push your chest up, if you want to increase your effort levels with another touch, pause at the top of the movement to feel more of a stretch.

Triple set 2 – do 4 sets

Seated cable row

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6 a. Seated cable rows x 10 reps

Sit on the edge of the bench or on the floor with your legs bent and the cable height adjusted in line with your chest. Use a narrow attachment cable. With your shoulders away from your ears and chest proud, row your elbow toward your sternum and press your shoulder blades together. Hold for the count, keeping your torso in place and slowly reverse the movement until you get a large stretch in your upper back as you reset for the next rep.

One arm dumbbell row

6 b. Single arm bent-over rows x 10 to 12 reps

Start with your knee resting comfortably on the bench. Place your knee under your hip and your palm under your shoulder. Your opposite leg should be on the side of the bench and the other hand should hold the dumbbell as it hangs below your shoulder. Allow your shoulder to extend forward before you begin the exercise, and pull your scapula into your back pocket to begin the movement. Row The dumbbells are in an arc toward your hip. Reduce the momentum and slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

Back home workouts

6 c. Dumbbell pullovers x 15 reps

Start with one dumbbell at your chest, hands forming a diamond shape under one end of the dumbbell and a slight bend in the arms with the angle locked. Lower the dumbbells above your head until you feel a stretch in your shoulders and chest, and engage your back to return the dumbbells to the starting position. Keep your core engaged and the pace of the repetitions steady. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve survived.

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