Austria wins the team competition in Zakopane – DSV quadruple podium finish

With a very small lead over the host Poland, Austria secured victory in the first team event of the World Cup season. The German ski jumpers who landed on the podium in the Zakopane Cauldron can celebrate, too.

With a total of 1151.5 points, the Austrian national team achieved victory in the first team competition this season. In a thrilling decision on Saturday night, the quartet around Daniel Chovenig, Michael Hyebock, Manuel Wittner and Stefan Kraft beat the Polish national team (Kamil Stoch, Piotr Zila, Pawel Wasek and Dawid Kobacki; 1150.5 p.). The German team (Marcus Eisenbichler, Philipp Raimund, Karl Geiger, Andreas Wellinger; 1144.4 points) also had reason to be happy, which also ended up on the podium after the disappointing Four Hills Championship.

After the first round, it looked like the Polish team would win in the besieged “Wielka Krokiew” with more than 25,000 spectators. The quartet around World Cup overall leader Dawid Kobacki led the court in the first half ahead of Austria, but then had to contend with a powerful rebound in the final. Qualifying winner Tschofenig and beat Hayboeck.

Rising violinist

On the German team, it was primarily Marcus Eisenbichler and Karl Geiger who started the hopeful upward trend after the disappointing Four Hills Championship. While Eisenbichler managed the longest jump of the day with 140m in the final round, Andreas Wellinger had a tough time after strong preliminary performances in training and qualifying with 125.5m and 131.5m. The 2018 Olympic champion remains the hottest favorite on the DSV podium in individual competition on Sunday.

There are still few reserves. It was very good for us today, but in the end we left a lot behind. But first of all, we are glad that we managed to catch up with the world leaders again, ”analysed national coach Stefan Horngacher in“ ARD ”and also referred to the special training that the German team completed right before the World Cup finals weekend in Planica.

Slovenia and Norway miss out on the podium

While Austria, Poland and Germany separated by only 7.1 points at the end, the fourth-placed Slovenes (Lovro Kos, Petr Brevc, Timi Zajc, Anze Lanisek 1117.7 points) were clearly behind. The Norwegian team (Marius Lindvik, Christopher Eriksen Sundal, Johan Andre Furfang, Halvor Egner Granroad) around the winner of the Four Hills Granroad Championship, also had no chance in the fight for the podium places, which finished fifth with 1113.4 points.

The other places were occupied by teams from Finland (Filho Palusari, Eto Nousiainen, Nikko Kitusaho, Ante Alto, 1015.5 points) and the United States of America (Kasey Larson, Andrew Orlup, Eric Belshaw, Decker Dean, 873.3 points). Romania’s national team (Andrej Vildorian, Mihnja Aleksandru Spilber, Nikolay Surin Mitrofan, Danil Andrej Cakena, 352.3 points) was eliminated after the first round.

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At the end of the weekend, the individual competition for the program is on Sunday. Then the test round starts at 3 p.m. before it starts at 4 p.m. (everything lives in Once again about important points in the World Cup.

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