Avatar 2’s gender-swapped main villain, reveals new concept art

new Avatar 2 The art revealed an abrupt makeover for one central figure.

While Avatar 3 Producer Jon Landau hopes each entry will do the trick “come to her own conclusion,” water way He explains that director James Cameron tells an overarching story that covers the entire story.

General Ardmore, in particular, She played a big role In bearing the consequences of the origin symbol picture Its a hugely successful sequel.

Ardmore, who serves as the primary antagonist this time around, is sent to Pandora after the death of Colonel Miles Quaritch in the first film.

Throughout the second film, Jake hunts down Sully to execute him for his treacherous actions. Not all is as it seems, however, as new photos reveal a surprising change to this staple symbol picture Letter.

The Avatar Art Book reveals a fun change of character

Avatar Art: Water Way It is an art book released on the same day as the titular movie, and its contents reveal a sudden change of character for one character.

General Ardmore appears to have switched genders during the film’s long production process.

General Francis Ardmore is depicted as a male character
Avatar Art: Water Way

Pictured above, the original design depicts the villain Ardmore as a male.

Depicting General Francis Ardmore as a male figure (close-up)
Avatar Art: Water Way

This male character is seen traveling alongside Quatritch’s cloned Avatar as well as other members of the RDA.

However, as fans know, the character is a woman in the final film and is played by Edie Falco.

Eddie Falco as General Francis Ardmore
Avatar: Water Road

It’s unclear why this change occurred, but interestingly, the character was gender-swapped in the final movie, and the above images could be many years ago, given how long the movie was.

After all, the Ardmore actress thought the movie had already been released, but the lack of fanfare was due to its poor performance.

Building works in Bridgehead
Avatar Art: Water Way

The book also lays out the motivations of the people in the sky, especially the reasons why their base on Pandora, Bridgehead, seems to be a work in progress – even a decade after they began operations on the planet.

Bridgehead - a circular city
Avatar Art: Water Way

The book notes that the outpost “permanent” And fully utilitarian. It’s designed for Covering large areas of real estate Via Pandora to scare the Na’vi.

the way the construction site still looks purposeful; Humans are trying to assert their dominance over the planet by building urban infrastructure. This industrial city is a striking contrast to how the Na’vi value nature and the natural environment.

The full text can be read below:

“In order to be more efficient with its mining and resource tasks, the Rural Development Department is constructing a permanent outpost on Pandora known as Bridgehead. Its geographic and functional footprint is entirely utilitarian,” says Ben Procter. Its massive circular design covers large swaths of real estate across land and sea and imposes a visual display of muscle. With the aim of intimidating the Na’vi. Procter says of its design, “Bridgehead is intended as a construction site. And it’s all about humanity with the implication that they build a whole new city practically overnight. Sort of “Evek, Ewa”.

The Avatar movie isn’t the only one making changes

General Ardmore’s gender swap wasn’t much of a shock to those who followed it marvel And other franchises recently. Falco’s antagonist joins the recent trend in Hollywood of gender-swapping characters, particularly the giving of male roles to female actors.

Marvel is one such franchise making this change to help increase female representation in film and television. There are a large number of gender-swapped characters. Notorious, as Tilda Swinton in Dr. Strange Traditionally it belongs to an Asian male.

The studio initially thought they were ahead in avoiding Asian stereotypes however She later realizes that she bleached the character. Of course, there are ways to cast minorities without falling into the harmful stereotypes that Marvel is president of Kevin Feige I realized now.

However, a gender swap can be made nicely, and Marvel has had a lot of success. The studio has come a long way in breaking down gender stereotypes and deconstructing gender roles in the entertainment industry.

For example, the flagship Disney + series Moon Knight Changed Scarlet Scarab from evil Captain America to The first superhero of Arab origin.

However, Marvel isn’t the only one, like the hit Netflix Watch hypnotist Also John Constantine, who skews into both sexes, who becomes Johanna Constantine in the Final Amendment. According to writer Neil Gaiman, this change led to the emergence of “a sense of balance” to the serial.

Avatar: Waterway Now showing in cinemas all over the world.

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