Bans for Everyone: Lost Ark players are confused by unexpected ‘cheat’ bans

The lost key to astronomythe popular MMORPG developed by Smilegate and distributed through Amazon Games, recently acquired Previously announcedgot a big wave of bans, which should mainly target bot accounts – but it also seems to affect some regular Steam players, for example PC games pointed out. Many of these bans plague users You haven’t logged in for a while, causing bewilderment for their exiled and unaffected friends. The explanation for the reasons for these bans is minimal at best, but it appears they were flagged as bot accounts, which indicates poor targeting practices.

Why did this wave of bans arise?

It has only recently gone down Lost Ark player count by more than half, which should only access bot accounts. Getting rid of them is also an important step, as they shake up the balance of the game with automated actions like farming gold or grinding levels. In response, Amazon Games appears to be cracking down on them – at huge cost.

Who is affected by the ban wave?

Reports from users on Reddit and other forums indicate that most infected people did not log into the game for months before they got banned. These now-logged-in casual players are said to have only played for a few hours over the course of several days — barely enough time for the systems to detect bot activity and too little data that could possibly match these bot’s recurring patterns.

Now, understandably, many players feel unfairly treated by bans even though they did nothing wrong. Some may have successfully appealed their account suspensions after the Amazon Game Support team personally handled issues through tickets, but most of these new players won’t feel like talking to customer service and playing the abandoned game – which is too bad for long-term MMO residents. .

The consequences are already showing

The wave of bans left many Lost Ark players feeling frustrated and confused and within days they were backing out Recent Steam Reviews For the game it fell to just 43% positive reviews – a significant drop from its previous peak.

What can you do about it?

While it appears possible to appeal this email block, there is no clear indication of how long responses will take. Also, there are no guarantees that appeals will be successful, leaving users in the dark while waiting for Amazon’s decision.

For now, we can only hope that more clarity is provided soon and that systems are improved to better deliver such large-scale measures in the future – without unfairly kicking players out! If you are not affected, you can currently Collaboration with The Witcher Experience – Unfortunately for those affected, there are currently only official support points and no prospect of improvement.

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