“Bauer sucht Frau” star Antonia makes a sexual confession after the breakup

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Patrick and Antonia Hemmer won this year’s House of the Stars Summer Award. Then a breakup followed.Photo: RTL


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Antonia Hammer and Patrick Roemer emerged as the dream couple from “Bauer sucht Frau” in 2020, but shortly after they won this year’s “Sommerhaus der Stars” they broke up. The young farmer was constantly insulting his girlfriend at the time in front of the cameras, and the RTL audience reacted with horror and suggested Antonia to break up. Indeed, the partnership was beyond saving.

I am Podcast “Lose Luder” by Désirée Nick Now the 22-year-old gives new details of love — and goes to court with her ex. She also gets a sexual confession from the former Queen of the Jungle.

Antonia Hummer reveals the spicy details

“When I watched the last episodes of Sommerhaus, I had a pulse and it was aggressive,” Antonia admits in an interview. However, it is too late, she is certain that the a relationship Patrick’s would have failed without the TV hype. “Summer House of Stars” just “causes the camel to flood.”

She explains in great detail exactly why it failed. “Even before that, we had contradictions, for example when it came to moving in together,” he gave as an example. She goes on to say:

“I wanted to move in with him, he had always denied it and wanted more peace and quiet. He was afraid he would have to play my clown if I moved in (…) because then I would only be with him – no family, no friends.”

Antonia Hammer

Antonia Hammer wanted to move in with Patrick.photo: antoniahemmer/instagram.com

She concludes, “There are many factors that played a role in this.” Patrick will simply live a “different life”. Since the two started a music project together and launched a career together, the separation has been even more difficult.

The long distance relationship factor was an issue, especially for Antonia. She lives in Hanover and Patrick on Lake Constance. In light of this, Desiree Nick unabashedly outlined the topic sex On the table. She wants to know if Antonia can count on one or two hands the number of times she and Patrick had sex. Then the trained esthetician answered boldly, “Take three fingers.”

Gloomy outlook for “Power Like Frau” star Patrick Roemer

Regarding Patrick, Antonia also suspects: “He’s still not sure what he actually wants. I think he needs a few more years to find the right woman.” However, she doubts whether he will treat his next girlfriend any better than she does:

“He’s evil and talks that way. I can’t imagine him talking differently to his next partner.”

Although Patrick has seen that some of the data in television She was wrong, “but he always justified it,” Antonia complains on the podcast. “He tried to convince me of that. He left a lot. Talk his way outShe adds again. She thinks Patrick loved her, but he “could never show it.” By the way, he didn’t cheat on her.

“The last move came from me,” then she adds, breaking up. In the end, she handled the breakup with Patrick better than the disagreements with her previous partners. And at least Antonia can now safely say, “Please, my next partner must be unknown.” on me influencer Or a TV star so out of the question for them.

Despite everything, Antonia eventually asserts on the subject of Patrick: “We’re good to each other, we didn’t fight.”

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