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Hasan Salihamidzic is not a winter transfer friend. But he has to act next January. In tz, FC Bayern’s sporting director spoke about team planning.

Munich – after the return Bayern Munich After the training camp, which lasted about a week in Qatar Hasan Salihamidzic In an interview tz detailed about the layout of the German record champions team. The 46-year-old addresses the current search for a goalkeeper and the special role of the chief executive Oliver Kahn. Brazzo also gives an update on Manuel Neuer and Sadio Mane’s injury.

Mr. Salihamidzic, at the beginning of the year you shaved your hair very short. why?

Hasan Salihamidzic: I’m on offense in the second half of the season, that’s the story of offense (laughs).

Let’s move on to the sporting side: How does planning work at FC Bayern?

Salihamidzic: You have to set achievable goals. You have to balance finances and sporting goals. This is our mission.

Bayern Munich: Hasan Salihamidzic comments on the team’s planning in an interview with tz

What role does Oliver Kahn play in this?

Salihamidzic: Oliver is the CEO. We have known each other for a long time, we get along very well and trust each other. This makes me happy. Use the time in Doha to make some appointments and talk to me too. We often exchange ideas, eat together, and watch training. We complement each other very well. Of course he is very interested and we discuss the team’s problems.

Technical director Marco Nebby never leaves your side.

Salihamidzic: Marco and I are in constant contact. Every day we talk about matches and players. We have an excellent relationship and are thinking strategically in the same direction. We watch football a lot and I attend a lot of scout meetings. But Marco works more intensively with scouts. Then he comes to me and we discuss issues. In the end, we’ve always come to the opinion that we’re 100 percent behind.

Bayern's sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic spoke to Śtz in detail about the current search for the goalkeeper.
Bayern’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic spoke to Śtz in detail about the current search for the goalkeeper. © MIS / imago

And the new chief scout, Marcus Belawa?

Salihamidzic: Organizes, nominates and heads the Scouts Section. We are very satisfied with the way it does its job. Fits well with our philosophy. He knows exactly what we need, how we seek, and what we want. He is diligent, meticulous and very good at organizing. He understands football and the team we have. That’s why we met.

How is the cooperation with coach Julian Nagelsmann going?

Salihamidzic: We manage everything around the team very well. We get along well, communicate well and analyze together. One could hardly imagine a better collaboration. Julian understands the club, just as we understand the coach. We complement each other perfectly.

Bayern Munich: Salihamidzic on player selection – “Knowing which rack to use”

Bayern Munich also has a so-called shadow team. The scouting system creates a team with suggestions for each position.

Salihamidzic: There are a lot of soccer players in the world. We’ll see which one is right for us. When it comes to each position, we analyze what we have and what we need. We try to fill each position twice. We have divided the players into different categories for each position. We watch football a lot, so the shadow team is always changing. There are a lot of young players who have achieved great success, but there are also players that we have watched and admire. It’s always a mix. We are very well organized and work very meticulously. We watch a lot of videos, and of course our scouts are often in the stadiums to watch. Then Marco and I filter it and make sure we’re up to date.

What role does psychology play in player selection?

Salihamidzic: We look primarily at the qualities of market players. We also pay attention to how the player behaves in different situations. It’s also about character and mental strength. We always have to watch our finances and know what racks we can help ourselves from.

What should the team look like in the future?

Salihamidzic: Our philosophy has always been that we maintain the essence of Germany if the quality is right. We also want to fill the team with world-class stars who will increase our quality and who will suit us. I think this looks pretty good at the moment. The mix is ​​right. That’s perfect. But you never get stuck in team planning and always try to adjust some things. And in the end, we can only do what our financial means allow.

Bayern Munich: Hassan Salihamidic comments on the possibility of extending the contract

Other faces of the team include Jamal Musiala, Alfonso Davies, and Lucas Hernandez. When will their contracts be extended for the long term?

Salihamidzic: We have decided to have the talks. In the background we are trying to do our work.

It has been said for years that Thomas Müller is always playing. Is he still an outcast?

Salihamidzic: Thomas is very experienced. We know what we have in Thomas. Certainly, the competition at Bayern is always there. We need every player. Every player, young or old, must perform. And the best will play.

How is Manuel Neuer after the fracture of the tibia and fibula?

Salihamidzic: His injury hits us hard. Manuel does well under the circumstances. It will probably be a few months before he returns. But we will give him all the time in the world to recover from this serious injury and come back.

Why is it so hard to find an alternative?

Salihamidzic: We have to see Bayern find the best possible solution for the current season. As this is not easy in this position and then in winters we are very busy and looking for our options.

Bayern Munich: Hasan Salihamidzic avoids talking about Jan Sommer

When will favorite and Gladbach goalkeeper Jan Sommer sign?

Salihamidzic: I don’t like talking about players from other clubs. There are many options that we are working on.

Is Alexander Nobel’s comeback campaign still an issue?

Salihamidzic: We have very good contacts. But we are not in the driver’s seat. It always depends on the absolute club. Since Monaco also has certain ideas, it’s not that easy either.

What qualities does the new Bayern goalkeeper need?

Salihamidzic: He must hold on tight. And our goalkeeper must also be able to play football well. He should help us this season. Whether his commitment goes beyond that remains to be seen.

Have you set yourself a deadline when looking for a goalkeeper?

Salihamidzic: No. The transfer window ends on January 31, but of course we would like to have a solution for the first Bundesliga game on January 20 in Leipzig.

Is it an advantage to have in Oliver Kahn a former world-class goalkeeper as the person in charge of goalkeeping issues?

Salihamidzic: This is definitely an advantage. Like I said, Oliver and I talk about our team all the time.

If no new goalkeeper comes: Are you confident that substitute goalkeeper Sven Ulrich will be the first goalkeeper?

Salihamidzic: Yes, of course. We spoke to Ulle and said we are working on what’s best for FC Bayern. We also have great faith in Ulle. If he plays this season, he’s doing very well. So, of course, it is also an option.

Hasan Salihamidzic: Sadio Mane is still “a few weeks away” – PSG matches may be early

When will Sadio Mane return?

Salihamidzic: He continues to do the rehabilitation program. He’s on the right track, and he’s on schedule. But it will take a few more weeks for him to return.

Is the round of 16 enough against Paris?

Salihamidzic: You have to see it. I think it will be very soon. Sadio is very ambitious. But we have to see that he recovers well from the injury.

The Bundesliga starts again next Friday in Leipzig.

Salihamidzic: Of course we want to start the season well. This is very important, especially against a good team like Leipzig. We want to do the best we can away from home and win. We put the training camp to good use. The coaches did what they wanted to do well.

Interview: Philip Kessler

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