Beauty Doc Jamila freaked out – “Nobody wants to look like this”

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Quite disembodied in jungle camp: Jamila Roo has rarely been seen like this before.Photo: RTL+

Jungle camp

Ronja Brier

“Sometimes you lose yourself track.”

At least pretty Rowe commented on the self-irony Jungle camp List of her plastic surgeries and procedures: Hyaluron in the lips and cheeks. Botox in the forehead. Jamila Rowe also helped her with her breasts and nose.

But all this amazed him: Prof. D. Werner Mang is one of the most popular plastic surgeons in Germany. At his clinic in Lake Constance, he felt that every nostril in the entertainment industry was already under the knife. He reveals that there are currently 800 people on the waiting list. “I’m a star – get me out of here!” Candidate Jamila Rowe never visited him: “Of course not,” he says.

I am interview He explains with Watson what could have been different if I had contacted him – and how bad the jungle filter’s surgeries are.

Prof. Dr. Werner Mang Bem ARD Talk Hart aber Fair on 23.09.2019 in Köln ARD Talk Hart aber Prof. Dr. Werner Mang at ARD Talk Hart but Fair on 23 09 2019 in Cologne ARD Talk Hart but Fair

Mr. Dr. Werner Mang: He established his plastic surgery practice in Lake Constance 33 years ago. Photo: / Lumma photo

Watson: Are you watching Jungle Camp?

Prof. Dr. Werner Mang: Naturally. You have to watch shows for that the people Move in order to be able to make a judgment. Jungle camp is a mirror of us Gesellschaft Just like plastic surgery. Even if both of them sometimes raise concerns in me about what all this leads to.

What are your concerns about Jamila Roo?

I am a very strict but also reliable and successful plastic surgeon. And I always say: normal Gamal Yes, beauty obsession no.

“The inflatable boat’s lips belong on Lake Constance, not on your face…”

After her many surgeries, Jamila Rowe is no longer described as a natural beauty. The beauty craze is still there.

Anyone who comes to the Bodensee-Klinik knows that I am not a fan of lip injections. The inflatable lips belong to Lake Constance, not the face. I’m against mega tits and Barbie noses. But all this was done by Mrs. Jamila Rowe. She has admitted to having had multiple breast implants, but she can’t remember how many times she’s had lip augmentation. Also, her nose is very small and has scars!

I think her example repels a lot of people who say, for God’s sake, I don’t want to look like that. I’m already wondering what the plastic surgeon did there. So you can only feel sorry for her! It is also a medical problem. You find it difficult to speak. Also in Essen Do you have problems with it.

“I can just shake my head at plastic surgeons who do lips like this.”

But what are such ideals of beauty supposed to do next?

a lot influencer She also has those puffy lips and those huge boobs. When young people look at it, they think that they can also become famous if they do that. But this is a sick society. All I can say is, hands off plastic surgery focusing on such an extreme and sometimes disgusting look. I shake my head at plastic surgeons who inject lips like this.

Ten percent of our patients at the Bodensee Clinic want their lips to be smaller again. Some patients also want their breasts to be smaller again or their nose to be normal again. It’s a completely new business model. Thank God the trend is reversing. No one wants to look like this lady in the woods.

So wasn’t Pretty Roo under the knife with you?

of course not. I would have refused her surgeries. I can’t imagine anyone doing facial disfigurements like that.

What is true beauty?

The perfect example of natural beauty is Grace Kelly. It’s all just there. For men, I lean towards the early Greek type, with a slightly stronger nose and high cheekbones, like George Clooney. I try not to re-surgery people, but rather to help them achieve natural beauty.

Mr. Dr.  Werner Mange in OR.  His daughter Gloria runs the medical spa at his Bodenseeklinik.

Mr. Dr. Werner Mange in OR. His daughter Gloria runs the medical spa at his Bodenseeklinik.Photo: dpa/Sven Hoppe

Is what you did pretty unhealthy?

Of course, this is not healthy if you have had three or four breast surgeries. This can lead to scarring and changes in the gland. If you constantly spray lips, it can lead to eating disorders with constant drooling. Speech disturbances may occur. Jamila Roy’s operations are medically unacceptable. They always say healthy the body Live in a healthy spirit. But people who were disfigured in this way by a plastic surgeon were also attacked.

Here’s our jungle camp quiz:

Guess how often and why Thin Or men also from the process?

I see about 60 patients a week. We’re about eight to ten percent back: This includes the girl who wants to look exactly like Bella Hadid when she’s 14 or 15. Then there are people who have had X facelifts and still think they’re ugly. But I can’t help them either. And there are very special requests. One wanted to remove a rib to get a Victoria Beckham waist. But I don’t.

Can you become addicted to plastic surgeries and procedures?

Yes, this is a great danger! Don’t do it often. Hyaluron should not be done more than once a year. Not every three or four months, as many people think. I’ve had patients who got into massive debt and sold their homes just so they could have more and more surgeries. Of course I didn’t.

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