Biathlon today in live tape: the women’s relay in Ruhpolding on Saturday

Biathlon: Sophia Schneider on the track.

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And the matches of the 2022/23 World Cup in biathlon continue on Saturday. The ladies’ relay is coming in Ruhpolding. is part of the live tape today.

ruhpolding – am Penultimate day at the Biathlon World Cup 2023 in Ruhpolding It will run again in the relay. This time it’s the ladies’ turn, the race starts at 2:25pm. is Today in the biathlon live video with you.

Live stream update here

Biathlon today in live tape: Intermediate score after shooting 5/8

1. France
2. Norway +1.8
3. Italy + 7.9
4. Deutschland + 38.4

He runs: Schneider makes two mistakes, but remains fourth and still within striking distance of the podium.

He runs: Shufu has big problems, she makes three mistakes. Norway is close, Royceland has hit it all. Italy is also advancing.

He runs: France is right on the fifth shooting. Then Schneider comes in a minute later.

He runs: Sophie Chauveau now dictates the race for France. It’s halftime at Chiemgau Arena.

He runs: The second change is pending. France clearly leads Italy and Norway. Germany is on the podium, now Sophia Schneider is entering the race.

He runs: Voigt moved up from 12th to 4th, and that’s a really strong performance here.

He runs: Let’s take a look at the fourth shooting. Chloe Chevalier advanced from here, five goals for France. Behind them are mistakes, and Norway has problems.

He runs: Voigt is pushing speed, and it wants to close the gap. Running performance is ok, you should hit everything again in shooting range.

He runs: Voigt does a great job. She shoots fast and hits it all, Germany is closing in on the podium.

He runs: France qualified, and Italy finished second. So many mistakes have been made, and this is an immediate opportunity for Voigt.

He runs: He’s about to move on to the next shoot, so we focus on the tip first.

He runs: Vanessa Voigt can’t stand anything anymore, the German season is not good here.

He runs: France and Switzerland pulled back a bit, with a larger group behind them, a good 15 seconds behind. Germany is already more than a minute behind.

He runs: Weidel is losing more and more time, and now he is 52 seconds behind the leader. It’s about the first change.

He runs: Sweden made it through a penalty kick. Obviously, shared preferences are already in the back here.

He runs: It’s time for the second shoot. The top teams come clean, and the level is high. Weidel needs spare parts, but it works. It is still within walking distance of the summit.

He runs: Weidel isn’t 100 percent fit, you can find out here on the right track. You lose a few seconds to the top.

He runs: Weidel is 20 seconds behind the leader and is running for 10th.

He runs: It starts under control, and Wedel makes three mistakes. Norway is leading the way.

He runs: We’re at the shooting range. Closed goes to a prone position.

He runs: Le Genmon is setting the pace for France, Fadel is all there. We are approaching the first shooting.

He runs: Each lap is two kilometers long, and each athlete runs three laps. 17,000 spectators are watching today’s race.

He runs: The race is on, the women are on their way to the first stage.

He runs: It’s about to start here in Ruhpolding, ladies get ready. 19 countries initially.

Before the race: Elvira Oberg must pass on short notice to Sweden. Lynn Pearson fills in for them.

Before the race: The weather in Ruhpolding today is changeable. We can’t rule out that it will rain during the race either.

Before the race: You also have to take Italy into consideration. Samuela Comola, Lisa Vituzzi, Rebecca Bassler and Dorothea Ferrer will be starting.

Before the race: Norway works with Caroline Ovegstad Knuten, Rangenhill Femstinevik, Mart Olsbo Roysland and Ingrid Landmark Tandrivold.

Before the race: Let’s look at the other big countries: Sweden starts with Mona Prorsson, Anna Magnusson, Hanna Oberg, and Elvira Oberg. Le Genmoneau, Chloe Chevalier, Sophie Chauveau and Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet are all competing for France.

Before the race: Anna Weidel, Vanessa Voigt, Sofia Schneider and Dennis Hermann-Wicke will be Germany’s starters.

Before the race: We’ll see the ladies relay soon. It is a 4×6 kilometer run, and there are eight laps in all.

Before the race: Hello and welcome to the live tape of today’s Ruhpolding biathlon.

Biathlon today in live tape: Preliminary report on the race

Then they want it German women’s biathlon is equal to men’s and a podium run at Chiemgau Arena. However, the portents are less favorable than with men.

Today’s biathlon in live tape: this is how the German national team begins

At the start of the season in Kontiolahti the German quartet was still in second place, in Hochfilzen the DSV women had to Leaving the platform for France, Sweden and Italy.

Women’s coach Christian Mehringer has Anna Wedel, Vanessa Voigt, Sophia Schneider, and Denise Hermann-Wick nominate. Weidel and Schneider have recently had problems with their stability at the shooting range, and Herrmann-Wick has also made several mistakes lately. With Voigt, the problem was more often than not on track, and the helplessness became apparent in the individual Thursday.

Biathlon today in live tape: figure giving back norway

To claim the next podium this season, the Increase German athletes in all areas. The competition is strong and will be expanded to another state in Ruhpolding.

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland is back in the Norwegian team candidate for this season. With the presence of France, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Norway, five countries enter the race and have chances to win. Here is the start list

Each athlete must run six kilometers, in two trips to the shooting range. Around It starts at 2:25 in the will be in the live stream from 1:30 p.m.

The races in Ruhpolding are part of the 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup. The biathlon calendar contains nine stations, the results of World Cup races are included in the general classification for women and men. is included in the live feed of all races.



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