Biathlon today in live tape: the women’s singles in Ruhpolding on Thursday

Biathlon: Dennis Hermann Wieck at the Ruhpolding shooting range.

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The 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup continues on Thursday. In Ruhpolding, single women come. The local champions hope to improve the sport and organization. is part of the live tape today.

Ruhpolding – monastery Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding It will continue on Thursday. In women’s singles, German players have the chance of achieving the highest score. The race starts at 2:10 p.m. is Today in the biathlon live video with you.

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Today’s biathlon in live tape: the intermediate result at the end

1 – Lisa Vituzzi (Italy) 40: 05.9 min / 0 penalty min
2 – Le Genmoneau (France) + 39.0/0
3 – Julia Simon (France) +45.2/1
11. Vanessa Voigt (Germany) +2: 10.7/1
15 – Dennis Hermann Wieck (Deutschland) +2: 43.8/3
29 – Anna Wedel (Germany) + 4: 54.9 / 3

He runs: Nothing burns in front. Lisa Vituzzi defeated Lou Genmono and Julia Simon.

He runs: Denise Herrmann-Wick has the fastest running time. But that doesn’t bring her much with three minutes of penalty.

He runs: Lou Genmon from France took a sensational second place here, the 24-year-old on the podium for the first time in her career.

He runs: From a German point of view, this home race is very disappointing. Vanessa Voigt is still at number nine, but she will soon make it out of the top ten.

He runs: There are signs of a big surprise on the platform. Young Frenchman Lou Genmono smashed all 20 shots and is second in the meantime.

He runs: Vittozzi confidently crossed the finish line and won this race.

He runs: Janina Hettich Waltz starts out flawlessly. Anna Weidel has three penalty minutes, as does Sofia Schneider. Julian Frohert made a mistake.

He runs: Fituzzi runs a stable final course, and won’t let victory be stolen from her.

He runs: Hanna Oberg moved up to third, and the Swede is on his way to the podium.

He runs: Voigt could still run into the top ten. She hits it all, has only one penalty minute which is her eighth to start.

He runs: We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen. Lisa Vituzzi hits all 20 targets here, is in good sprinting form and is clearly in the lead.

He runs: Lisa Vituzzi is right about the latest shooting. If she hits everything, she wins here.

He runs: Schneider makes two mistakes, that’s it for the German youth.

He runs: Vanessa Voigt finished 11th with one penalty after three matches in shooting. Let’s take a look at the Oberg sisters. After the third deposit, Hanna is in sixth place, with Elvira right behind her.

He runs: Hermann-Wicke is on the last shot. She needs to avoid a mistake now to get a top ten score. No, the last shot missed with her, too.

He runs: Now the favorites are shaking, Tandrivold misses the last shot. What does Simon do? She also hits an error. The race is open again.

He runs: We are now approaching the final shooting rounds for the top athletes. Wierer comes to the fourth shooting. Now she makes a mistake and accepts the penalty minute. Compatriot Fituzzi also stayed clean on her third shooting.

He runs: Sophia Schneider starts her home race with a clean sweep.

He runs: Anna Weidel receives two minutes of penalty kicks while standing, which is not good for German women.

He runs: Hermann-Wicke at the third shooting range. She has to stay flawless now. It doesn’t work, the last shot misses. That’s it for the podium.

He runs: Tandrevold remains with the third Zero Series. Simon is followed by the French. Here comes to confrontation in the last shooting.

He runs: Voigt stands. The first shot missed and their podium positions were shattered.

He runs: Royceland entered the net a minute from the penalty spot, which could cost the Norwegian the podium.

He runs: Let’s look at Italy. Vittozzi on the second shot and hits it all again. Wierer is already on the third leg. She remained clear and is one of the first competitors today.

He runs: The Oberg sisters hit it all in the first of four shooting stages and are among the front runners.

He runs: Can Hermann Wieck keep up? She is standing. Now she’s getting her first penalty minute, which is bittersweet.

He runs: Tandrifold is also evident in standing, and the level is very high here. Simon follows suit, world leaders are very close to each other.

He runs: Marte Olsbu Roeiseland follows suit and has a 0.2 second lead over Wierer. Vanessa Voigt shoots prone and joins up front.

He runs: Wierer also hits everything standing up and is now on top. Halfway through the race, things are looking very good for the Italian. Compatriot Lisa Fituzzi clears everything while lying down and is also among the front runners here.

He runs: The first ladies come to the second shooting. After the first four deposits, Herrmann-Wick continues to lead.

He runs: 10,000 spectators over the moon, the German hits it all and takes the lead.

He runs: Julia Simon at the shooting range. The French also beats everything and is on a par with Roeiseland, Wierer and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold. And now comes Herrmann-Wick.

He runs: Marte Olsbu Roeiseland replaces Wierer at the helm. The Norwegian is in great shape again after a long absence.

He runs: Dorothea Ferrer puts herself in her shoes, beats it all and goes to the top. But there is still a long way to go before we reach our goal.

He runs: Davydova also makes a mistake, with Hermann-Wicke delivering the best intermediate time to date after 1.9km.

He runs: Conditions at the shooting range are good, and there is almost no wind at the facility.

He runs: Herrmann-Wick started the race, Chauveau coming to first firing. The last disc stops, which means a penalty minute.

He runs: Denise Herrmann-Wick will also start within a few minutes. The World Cup leader starts a minute earlier. Julia Simon from France wears the yellow jersey.

He runs: Five laps of three kilometers each are run, in individual shots alternately lying down and then standing.

He runs: Chauveau opened the race, starting every 30 seconds.

He runs: They run 15 kilometers and shoot four times. Each foul has a penalty minute as a result.

Before the race: French Sophie Chauveau will soon open the race.

Before the race: The stream is secured at several levels today, so nothing stands in the way of a smooth race.

Before the race: Let’s take a look at my favourites. Marketa Davidova is 3, Dorothea Ferrer is 7, Julia Simon is 12, Hannah Oberg is 30 and her sister Elvira is 33.

Before the race: Let’s take a look at the start menu. Dennis Hermann-Wicke started 14, Vanessa Voigt 26, Anna Weidel 29, Sophia Schneider 50, Julian Froehwert 63 and Janina Hettich-Walls 90.

Before the race: The good news is that the stream has been stable so far. So we can look forward to the ladies’ singles, which will start soon.

Before the race: Hello and welcome to the live tape of today’s Ruhpolding biathlon.

Biathlon today in live tape: Preliminary report on the race

After the chaotic start to the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding, things should return to normal on Thursday and the focus should be on sporting events. the The men’s first race was overshadowed by a power outage on Wednesday. On Thursday, the women will step in, and running will be on a special discipline.

Biathlon today in the live tape: Voigt and Herrmann-Wick attack the first places

In singles, the longest competition in women’s biathlon Above all, good shooters are required. Women run 15 kilometers, that is, four times they go to the shooting range. Each foul has a penalty minute. As a result, there can be a very large number of missed shots on the track no longer compensated will.

From the German women’s point of view, the chances of a positive start to the World Cup on home soil are good. Vanessa Voigt is a great scorer He ran to No. 4 in the season’s first singles in Kontiolahti. Dennis Hermann-Wicke, is currently third in the World Cup and Olympic champion in singlesAnd Sophia Schneider He also secured a place in the top fifteen at the start of the season.

Biathlon “without snow” – this is what it looks like in Ruhpolding

Biathlon: The shooting range in Ruhpolding is green - no signs of winter.
Biathlon: The shooting range in Ruhpolding is green – no signs of winter. © Ruf /
Biathlon: The trail is in good condition.  The conditions for preparing the track were not easy.
Biathlon: The trail is in good condition. The conditions for preparing the track were not easy. © Ruf /
Biathlon: It is currently difficult to do winter sports without snow cannons.
Biathlon: It is currently difficult to do winter sports without snow cannons. © Ruf /
Biathlon: A look at the penalty ring at Chimgao Arena.
Biathlon: A look at the penalty ring at Chimgao Arena. © Ruf /
Biathlon: The ski jumping facility at Chiemgau Arena is only slightly sweetened.
Biathlon: The ski jumping facility at Chiemgau Arena is only slightly sweetened. © Ruf /
Biathlon: Chiemgau Arena seen from the Sun Coliseum.
Biathlon: Chiemgau Arena seen from the Sun Coliseum. © Ruf /
Biathlon: A muddy brown appearance dominates the food serving area.
Biathlon: A muddy brown appearance dominates the food serving area. © Ruf /
Biathlon: On the way to the sunny runway.
Biathlon: On the way to the sunny runway. © Ruf /

A total of six German players take part in the race. Anna Wedel, Julian Frohert and Janina Hettich-Walls They are in the second individual of the season and want to continue recommending themselves for the World Championships in Oberhof in February. Four German women They are allowed to participate in the highlight of the season.

Biathlon today in the live stream: a great competition for German runners

German women’s singles competition is great. Together with the World Cup leaders Julia Simon (France) and Elvira Oberg (Sweden) You also have to be in good shape Dorothea Weirer from Italy on the list. Czech Marketa Davydova She’s an excellent shot too and can get an edge out of that.

He won the first individual race of the season in Kontiolahti Hanna Oberg. The Swede missed Pokljuka last weekend due to illness and will return to Ruhpolding. Ingrid Landmark Tandrivold (Norway) and Lisa Vituzzi (Italy) They complete the podium at the end of November, they should also be on the list. Here is the start list

One At 2:10 p.m., the first athlete starts the race, starts every 30 seconds. on the site and reports in the live broadcast ticker.

The races in Ruhpolding are part of the 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup. The biathlon calendar contains nine stations, and the results of World Cup races are included in the general classification for women and men. is included in the live feed of all races.

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