Black kidney failure patients can now get transplant lists sooner

Crystal Higgins just wants to be healthy, become a nurse and travel to Greece. But she has kidney failure and has been on the transplant waiting list for six years.

The illness and its co-morbidities have affected many of her loved ones. Her mother suffers from stage two kidney disease. Her father has diabetes, which is a risk factor for kidney failure, as does her late grandmother. Many of her relatives suffer from kidney failure.

Blacks are four times as likely to be He was diagnosed with kidney failure As white people – but often diagnosed late and It takes longer to get transplant listings.

Crystal Higgins, a kidney transplant candidate, poses for a photo with her daughter and husband.

This is because of an outdated renal function test that could overestimate renal function in black patients, masking the severity of their kidney disease and leading to late diagnoses and late transplant referrals.

The test has attracted scrutiny from experts in recent years. Last summer, the Council launched the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network, which connects transplant centers and develops policies, Account use is prohibited.

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