Bremer Festival foul and Tigges’ technical shot: Cologne destroy Bremen 7:1

The Bundesliga has announced again in the new year 2023 with the first game on Saturday night. 1. FC Köln, who took advantage of several bad mistakes by the guests of Bremen in the first 45 minutes, proudly scored 7: 1 against the promoted team. This also ended the negative series before Christmas.

Steffen Tigges (centre), Cologne and the fans could hardly stop celebrating against Bremen.

Steffen Tigges (centre), Cologne and the fans could hardly stop celebrating against Bremen.
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The first match on Saturday night in the 2023 New Year’s Bundesliga between Cologne and Bremen was something of an oddity to present in advance, after all, FC coach Steffen Baumgart had betrayed his first starter long before – and with the fact that newcomer Silke It was in the beginning in the beginning. Bench and Tigges in front of the attack – flanked by Kainz and Maina – will start. That’s how it happened.

Meanwhile, his counterpart Uli Werner continued to rely on his core squad. World Cup returner Füllkrug played with sweet partner Ducksch from the start, while Stark was allowed to work at the right back of the three-man row in place of Pieper (single training due to ankle problems).

game score

Extremely high entertainment value, and significantly less excitement due to the early resolution.


Goals and cards

1:0Maina (9′)

2:0S. Tigges (16 inch)

1. FC Cologne


Schwaben3 – Schmitz2,5Hubers2,5Chabot2,5Hector2,5 – Martel2,5Skiri1 Maina1,5 Hussein Basic2,5 Keynes2 – S. Tigges1

Werder Bremen


Pavlenka5 – Stark5,5 Velikovich5Friedel6 – Weiser6Big Jim5,5 , a. Mahjong6 Bettencourt5 Grove5,5 – jar4,5 ducks6

Referee team

Robert Schroeder


Game information

stadium Ryan Energy Stadium
Viewers 50,000 (sold out)

From a purely sporting point of view, the agenda here was whether Weser’s guests could make up for their strong post-promotion run – and whether the “goose” after five winless league matches before the long winter break (the World Cup) could “become fit” with just one win. Four bankruptcies will find their way again. The answer was quickly found because the guest from Weser was happily invited.

Pack of five colognes – including feat

Bundesliga – Round 16

Ducksch initially executed an attacking free kick very weakly, and with a bit of luck the Cologne team made it 1-0 with a counterattack that was followed not even after 20 seconds by an accurate shot by Mina (9th minute). Six-pointer spin later, and Ducksch made the wrong decision again, this time Kainz and pitcher Tigges penalized – 2:0.

But things got worse: after a mistake by Weiser and goalkeeper Pavlenka who came out too short to defend himself, Teguez made it 3-0 with a superb shot from just over 45 meters (21). When SVW defended too passively, Tigges passed heel to Skhiri, who wasn’t offside and made it 4-0 (30′), before Huseinbasic converted faster than Friedel after a cross from Tigges perfected – 5-0 (36′). ).

Werder’s team still struggled a bit before the break: Wolkrug headed in after a dangerous corner kick to make it 5-1 (38). Six goals were scored in the first half for the first time in a Bundesliga season.

No. 6 – as well as No. 7

With the restart, things have not improved from a green-white point of view. Quite the opposite: clever winger Maina regularly nibbled at his opponent and in the 54th minute sent a brilliant cross to the completely forgotten Skhiri on the left in front of Pavlenka’s goal. The Tunisian made it 6: 1 with a side kick.

With that sixth goal, which made Domstädter half a dozen full, the air was out for this match. The rest of the time, the game was often rocking, also because the Cologne team remained committed defensively and alert. It is also worth noting that VFC’s new professional Silk, which was brought over from the Hertha football club in the winter, made its debut against former club Bremen. However, the 28-year-old did not look dangerous against goalkeeper Pavlenka.

But Maina, who made the opponents look old again, announced the unfortunate Friedel own goal with his cross to make it 7-1 (76). It stayed that way, as Rhinelanders were able to celebrate again after a poor run before the ten-week winter break (one draw and four defeats from five league matches). And Bremen? North Germans have fallen hard in 2023.

It continues as follows: 1. FC Köln will visit league leaders Bayern Munich on Tuesday as part of an English week (kick-off 8:30pm, live! on kicker). For Bremen it will continue after Wednesday (8.30pm). Then Union Berlin is a guest.

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