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It’s slowly starting again!

The Bundesliga finally kicks off this Friday – and delivers the best game ever to start the year! RB Leipzig welcomes Bayern Munich. For many experts, dueling can be a directional game in the main battle. The Munich team is currently leading with 34 points, while the Saxon team is in third place, six points behind (28 points).

If Max Eberl (49) narrows the gap to three points on Friday. RB’s new sporting director in the BILD “Lage der Liga” program: “If Bayern call for full performance, no one in the Bundesliga can currently hold a candle to them. But if they weaken, we want to be there.”

The record holder is sure to miss Manuel Neuer (36), who broke his tibia and fibula during the winter break. Eberle: “If there are no great players on the field, it is not beneficial for the team that misses them. Of course, Manuel Neuer is absent, who is also Bayern’s captain. It will be up to us to determine if this is an advantage.” Sven Ulrich (new alternative; edited) He is a very, very good goalkeeper, but it will depend on how much we pay him. Because it’s not Manuel Neuer either.

Impressive: He doesn’t seem to think a bouncer is the best solution. In response to a question about Jan Sommer (34), who once brought him to Gladbach and who was substituted as a new substitute for weeks: “Jan is one of the best goalkeepers in the Bundesliga, if not in Europe.” ? “Yes” Is summer better than Ulrich? “I would say yes.”

The new Leipzig manager does not see a new failure as goodbye. Eberle: “We’re also missing some great players. Christopher Nkunku and Peter Gulacy are definitely not an option. With David Raum there is still a question mark.” A win would be beneficial to be able to have a say in the championship battle. Eberle clearly believes that his coach, Marco Rose (46), can win the championship trophy: “Marco can win titles. He proved that during his time at Salzburg.”

Otherwise, Eberle spoke on the following topics…

Transfer: “We lost Hugo Novoa to Basel – but that will be the only departure in January. In the summer there will be more personal details coming our way. Especially with Konrad Leimer and Dani Olmo. I will fight for both until that is really decided. But as long as there is a chance At one per cent, I would do anything to keep both men. With Christopher Nkunku, unfortunately, things are quite clear with Chelsea.”

On Leipzig’s sporting leadership: “Some personal details have changed. Oliver (Mintslav; Dr. Red.) He moved to Red Bull, now followed by Florian Schulz (Commercial Director; Editor) there. Christopher Fifill went to Chelsea. That’s why we’re somewhat inclined at the moment when it comes to sporty driving. I’m currently in the process of taking a closer look at a few things.”

On his comeback and move to RB: “I’m really happy to be back. I deliberately took my time to be 100% fit when I came back. That’s me.” And an RB? Eberle: “I was surprised by the strength of the club. You can see from the outside that the club has energy – but the club has incredible strength and dynamism. If you see the training, it’s another level above Gladbach. You have to say that clearly.”

“I don’t have to be accountable to anyone” Plain Eberl text after Leipzig’s explosive change

On Rudi Völler as a potential successor to Oliver Bierhoff in the national team: “He knows everything. He knows the German Football Association, he’s been a coach and he’s worked for a big club for a long time. I think this is a very good choice and I can very well imagine he can make a good bulwark with him.” Hansi Flick. Rudy can once again raise euphoria in the country when it comes to the national team.”

But not only Eberl was a guest, but also Felix Zoer (41). The referee spoke, among other things, of the long lost time at the World Cup in Qatar: “I don’t think we’ll experience it like it was in Qatar. I can’t imagine 14 minutes here. The second main topic discussed with the referee: dealing with the referees.” Zuer , who has already been harassed several times: “I would like us to work together in the future. Sure, there are emotions involved, and that’s okay, but we have to find a line there.”

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