Candidates’ wages for Jungle Camp 2023: Huge controversies

Candidates’ wages for Jungle Camp 2023: Huge controversies

Jungle Camp is in its sixteenth season. Every year, RTL viewers want to know: How much do the nominees earn? Bild has revealed the full list of fees.

After weeks of speculation, the cat came out of the bag just under a month before the start of the season when Bild Jungle camp– Candidates revealed. The broadcaster confirmed the twelve celebrities the next day. Whoever thinks that the time for speculation is over is mistaken. No sooner had all the participants in the show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” (IBES) are so well known, that many have asked themselves the following question: What are the fees that celebrities charge for exposing themselves in public while eating crickets?

Jungle Camp Fee 2023: This is how much money candidates get

Bild wants to get the full list of fees and reveal which candidate gets the amount of money in the jungle camp. Hence, the absolute top gainer is Claudia Effenberg. Wife of former soccer player Stefan Effenberg You should get an incredible 500,000 Euros. However, it also includes fees for another RTL project. Effenberg is said to have also committed to unpacking the swirls in her marriage and her mental problems at jungle camp. So IBES fans can look forward to some campfire discoveries.

Only two other candidates must cross the magic threshold of €100,000. Singer Lucas Cordalis (€150,000) and actor Martin Semmelrogge, whose participation in IBES is in the balancewith 100,000 euros. On the other hand, other celebrities get a fraction of that amount, according to Bild. Here you will find a complete list:

Jungle Camp 2023: These stars are out there

The previous candidate assessed the IBES fee in some cases very differently

Former nominee Julian FM Stoeckel is the one who tended to go out the window with appreciation. The 35-year-old German TV Artist and Actor was part of the 8th IBES season in 2014. Who makes how much money, who gets the most and who has to settle for less? Compared to the “Abendzeitung” in Munich, Stoeckel appreciated the Drawings of the stars in the jungle camp 2023 As follows:

  • Lucas Cordalis: 80,000 times 150,000 euros
  • Claudia Effenberg: 80,000 to 150,000 euros
  • Martin Semmelrog: 80,000 to 150,000 euros
  • Jan Palask: About 60,000 euros
  • Verena Kerth: About 60,000 euros
  • Marcus Morel: about 60,000 euros
  • Jolina Mennen: 50,000 euros
  • Tessa Bergmeier: 40,000 buses, 55,000 euros
  • Cecilia Asuro: 20,000 buses, 40,000 euros
  • Cosimo Citiolo: from 20 to 40 thousand euros
  • Luigi „Gigi“ Birofio: 20,000 buses 40,000 euros
  • Babys Loveday: 20,000 to 40,000 euros

Former camper in the woods Julian FM Stoeckel arranges fees

According to Stoeckl, the “low-earners” of jungle camp include the buxom celebrities whose fame owes to their participation in trashy formats such as “Temptation Island” or “Love Island.” According to his valuation, Cecilia Assoro, Cosimo Citolo and Gigi Peruvio will all belong to the group with Gage Start fees of €20,000 to €40,000.

IBES: Claudia Effenberg my mega gage?

Stoeckel Model was also one of the all-time top earners Claudia Effenbergand singer Lucas Cordalis and actor Martin Semmelrog. “I appreciate their fee between 80,000 and 150,000 euros At the “Abendzeitung” in Munich, the artist said Effenberg must have been one of the senior staff at the bush camp Bild had speculated on – even if her salary was much higher.

While Stoeckel is the radio presenter Verena Kerth It’s meant to be in the middle of the graphic range, there’s a distinct discrepancy here with Picture Numbers. According to the report, Kahn-Ex really wanted to go to jungle camp. Therefore, compared to other candidates, she only receives a small entry fee: 30,000 euros Should be. Ironically, it was on the outing to Australia that the countershock came. In conversations with other candidates, this should have become clear Kerth has the lowest jungle camp fee for the season Get.

Regardless, these fees are nowhere near the outsized fees at British Jungle Camp. With Royal Mike Tindall, former Minister Matt Hancock and international star Boy George there was a “first-rate” field of candidates. According to media reports, the latter received nearly one million euros just for his participation.

Here is the photo gallery: Jungle Camp 2023: Candidates Ranked By Fee – Who Earns How Much?

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