Casper Rudd: Getting to Know the Breaking Point Netflix Star | ATP tour

Casper RoadHis determination to never stop improving has helped him become the most successful male player in Norwegian tennis history.

However, despite winning nine ATP titles, reaching two Grand Slam finals and climbing to number two in the Pepperstone ATP rankings, the 23-year-old remains one of the most consistent figures in the game.

As a new Netflix documentary series breaking point Taking a behind-the-scenes look at Rudd’s 2022 season, lays out five things to know about the Norwegian Iceman.

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1) Like the Father, like the Son
Both Rod and his father Christian Rudd They are considered the pioneers of Norwegian tennis. Former world number 39 Christian was the highest-ranked Norwegian in the history of the Pepperstone ATP rankings until Casper surpassed that benchmark in 2020. Casper went on to reach the career-high ranking of No. 2 and in 2022 he reached both finals. Roland Garros and the US Open Championship. He credits some of that success happily to Christian, who has been his longtime coach.

“We looked at some [other coaches]But I said, “I’m more comfortable having you around,” Casper told last year. “I know the trainer would do a lot for you and be very helpful, but when he’s the dad as well, you feel like you’re getting the extra care, because maybe the dad takes care of those extra pedigree because he’s your family.”

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Christian Rudd He watches his son Casper in training Roland Garros In 2021. Photo: AFP / Getty Images

2) He is an aficionado of golf
It wasn’t tennis that Rudd got his start at a young age. The Norwegian is also a lifelong golf fan and tries to sneak in a round whenever his busy tour schedule allows. The 23-year-old has a separate Instagram account (@casper_golfer) dedicated to his passion for the sport.

“I love how golf is so challenging, but also possible for ordinary people to score well,” Rudd wrote on in 2020. Moments, it’s very easy to play golf. Other times, it seems very difficult. The highs and lows of this sport are extreme, even more so than in tennis, and the details are very small.”

3.) Shania Twain is impressed
After witnessing Rudd win the title in Gstaad in 2021, country music legend Shania Twain returned to Switzerland last year to support the Norwegian in his quest for a second consecutive title in the beautiful alpine town. Once again, she enjoyed watching Ruud power his way to victory, and later tweeted in support of her friend. “I spent Sunday watching Casper Road Winning for the second time at the Swiss Open Gstaad, Twain wrote. “Congratulations, my friend, what a result!”

Rudd, who first met the Canadian singer through mutual friends during his run in 2021, was grateful for Twain’s support. “I really appreciate her coming back this year and supporting me in the final,” he said after his 2022 win. “It was nice to see her again.”

4) He trained at his boyhood academy, the ATP Tour legend Rafael Nadal
Rod has often talked about growing up worshiping Rafael NadalAnd since September 2018, the Norwegian has had the opportunity to train frequently with the Spanish legend, at times making the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar in Mallorca his home.

“I always felt like I played good strength in my game, and I need it to play well, but I get 10 or 20 percent from being there,” Rudd, who was just outside the top 100 when he moved to Spain, according to ahead of the 2020 season. “It’s the small margin that can change whether you’re number 10 [in the ATP Rankings] Or number 60… When I train with Rafa, he pushes me around and I usually get tired after a few hours. It’s tough sessions, but great.”

5) He is one of a number of Norwegians who have made their mark on the world stage.
Ruud is part of the wave of young Norwegians that have revolutionized the sporting world in recent years. Manchester City soccer star Erling Haaland, top ten golfer Viktor Hovland, and Olympic champion Jakob Ingebrigtsen also hail from a northern European country typically associated with success in winter sports. With a population of just five million, how does Rudd explain the sudden appearance of so many superstars?

“I think we’re young, hungry to do well, and just focused on our sport,” Ruud said last year when asked about his, Haaland and Ingebrigtsen’s success. “It’s not something you can plan for. It just happens. It’s a coincidence sometimes.”

Maybe it’s the salmon we eat or the fresh water. I don’t know what’s going on… Hopefully we can continue, that more people will know about Norway as a country and also the athletes from Norway who can do well in the bigger sports.”

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