Cause of death of Rosie Mittermeyer: what is known so far

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Skating in Germany mourns the loss of Rosie Mittermeier. The Olympic champion died on Wednesday at the age of 72.

MUNICH/GARMISC-Partenkirchen – The German sports world is mourning the loss of an exceptional athlete and a very special person. Rosie Mittermeier passed away Wednesday, January 4, at the age of 72. As did her family on Thursday BR and the sid She confirmed that she “passed away peacefully with her family after a serious illness.”

Soon after it came to light, countless comrades and friends reacted with dismay to the news of Rosie Mittermeyer’s death. DSV President Dr. Franz Stein called it “a human soul”. Former figure skating star Marcus Wasmer also found emotional words: “You’ll never find someone like that again, it leaves a huge hole.”

Name: Katharina “Rosi” Mittermaier
Birthdate: * 5. August 1950 (age 72), † January 4, 2023
Sporting successes: Olympic gold in downhill 1976, Olympic gold in slalom 1976, Olympic silver in giant slalom 1976, World Cup gold in downhill 1976, World Cup gold in slalom 1976, World Cup combined gold 1976, World Cup silver in slalom Giant 1976, World Cup winner 1976, Crystal Ball Slalom 1976, Composite Crystal Ball 1976, Ten World Cup victories
Awards: German Sportswoman of the Year 1976, Olympic Medal from the International Olympic Committee, Golden Pyramid of Sport, German Sports Hall of Fame, European Bavarian Medal, Gold Badge of Honor in Sports from the German Ski Federation.
Children: Amelie Neuwether (born 1981), Felix Neuwether (born 1984)

Rosie Mittermeyer is dead: she even made the postman a “fool”

Mittermeier delivered one of the biggest celebrations in German Olympic history when she won two gold medals in slalom and slalom and one silver in giant slalom in Innsbruck in 1976. “These unique emotional moments still feel as if they were yesterday,” said former DOSB president Alfons Hormann. “.

Over the years, “Gold-Rosi” has been celebrated as a type of pop star. On the occasion of her 70th birthday, Mittermeier said at the time: “At my parents’ house, there was a whole room full of mail and parcels.” “In one month, 27,000 letters arrived, and that’s what the postman told us, he was absolutely pissed off that he had to carry the whole flood to Winklmoosalm.”

Rosie Mittermeier (left) died of cancer on Wednesday at the age of 72.
Rosie Mittermeier (left) passed away on Wednesday at the age of 72. © IMAGO

Rosi Mittermaier: “Gold-Rosi” also succeeded after an active career

She capitalized on her popularity after her active career and went on to pursue countless projects. As an advertising ambassador, for example, she has traveled the world. Mittermeier started a family in Garmisch with her husband, former ski racer Christian Neuuter. Son Felix would later become the most successful German racing driver in World Cup history.

In addition, Rosie Mittermeier and her husband have become somewhat of an icon in Nordic Walking. Also memorable is the appearance at the G7 Summit in Elmau 2022, when Christian Neureuther paired up with his daughter-in-law Miriam Neureuther Completed a Nordic Walk through Garmisch-Partenkirchen with First Ladies.

Cause of death of Rosie Mittermeyer: what is known so far

Until then, Rosie Mittermeyer was not around. the Build Reports about cancer and writes that it was discovered six months ago. Little is known about her cancer. The family surrounding Felix’s son, daughter Amelie and husband Christian confirmed it on Thursday The 72-year-old Democrat has passed away BRWe as a family announce the sad news that our beloved wife, mother, and grandmother passed away peacefully on January 4th, 2023 after a serious illness with the family. (smk/afp/dpa/sid)

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