Cecilia Asuro opens up about the relationship with the stripper

Before leaving for the woods, Cecilia Asuru talks about her recent relationship.

Before leaving for the woods, Cecilia Asuru talks about her recent relationship.Photo: RTL

Jungle camp

Vera Siebnish

I am Jungle camp Many caps often fall off after a short time and not only when showering under a waterfall. In the past, a star has actually done soulful stripping around a campfire, revealing hot, sad, and often intimate secrets.

But some appear to be this year stars Not wanting to wait until they move to camp. in charge Podcast Reality TV star Cecilia Asuro revealed an interesting detail from her relationship life ahead of the show. Because that was very turbulent in the recent past.

Jungle Camp: Cecilia has only been single for a few weeks

Julian FM Stöckel and Inken Wriedt invited Cecilia to be a guest on their podcast. before leaving for Australia Cecilia spoke to the two about not wanting to meet Doreen Dietel again in a television format. The two got to know each other on “Premient Separated” and didn’t necessarily understand each other well. But Doreen was already at jungle camp in 2019. “You don’t have to worry about that,” says Cecilia.

Then all of a sudden it becomes completely private. Cecilia reveals that she and her boyfriend just weeks ago broke up. A long-distance relationship, Cecilia explains, because her most recent partner lives abroad. He dumped her just two weeks ago – via Whatsapp, the reality TV star’s tag reveals. Then he said, “Yeah, I slept on it one night, you’re right, something’s missing, I’ll finish it now.”

There was a very specific reason the two had a five-month long relationship: Cecilia’s ex-husband lives in Finland. And reveal other amazing details about him:

Julien immediately asks for a picture. And Cecilia answers frankly and honestly. “It was likewise with the verb: I was satisfied,” she says. And Julien steps between them: “But wasn’t it bombastic?” Cecilia feels compelled to explain: “Yeah, it was so good, I just thought there would be more at some point,” she notes. But then she hastily confirms that he was “great in bed”.

Confession of a Fetish by Cecilia

But Cecilia calls herself an adventurer and points out that this is not for every man in her life was nothing. Exactly what does that mean? “Maybe something sexy, maybe outside, with a little foot fetish, I wouldn’t have a problem with that either.” You will find that “sexy” Cecilia continued. She would also like her partner to have little fetishes that she didn’t know about yet.

When Julien then suggests to her that she can simply try some fling with a fellow jungle camper, Cecilia replies again: “No, I don’t, I’m not one of those.” In addition, she previously mentioned that she currently wants to remain single. “Right now they could all be stolen from me,” she continues. If the other candidates have listened to the podcast, they now certainly know Cecilia’s standing.

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