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Gerrard PiqueThe 35-year-old is a former Spanish footballer who invests in his previous attacks, after his former partner, Shakira, a few days ago. Song Where he’s equal (“I traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio”), Piquet is now also iconic. On a live broadcast of his football format “Kings League Infojobs,” he holds a Casio watch on his wrist and says, “Casio sent us watches. We got a sponsorship agreement, the Kings League made a deal with Casio.” The video was distributed by the Spanish sports channel B24, among others on Twitter. He couldn’t help but hint at the end of his relationship with Shakira: “This watch will last a lifetime.” It is also being circulated on Twitter Videoas Pique exits Twingo with a smile.

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Harryand 38 y Megan, 41, a former high-ranking member of the royal family, will not accept an apology. British broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson signed up for his article in Britain sun The apology for spreading hate and violent fantasies about Meghan in December. According to media reports, the couple now accuse Clarkson of spreading hate speech, dangerous conspiracy theories and misogyny in a “long-standing article-writing pattern,” the US magazine wrote. the people Citing someone representing Harry and Meghan publicly. In his detailed apology, which Clarkson posted on his Instagram channel, he said, among other things: “On Christmas morning, I also sent an email to Harry and Meghan in California to apologize.” The couple also pointed this out loud the people return. Clarkson just wrote for Prince Harry. The media regulator has received a record number of complaints against sun– The purpose was Islam.

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Janelle MonaeThe 37-year-old American actress (“Glass Onion”) wants to see more LGBT people in movies and series. “I think representation is always important, especially given our climate today,” Monae told US magazine. Hollywood Reporter. Monáe describes herself as queer and non-binary, i.e. not heterosexual and identifies herself as not clearly male or female. “We are still trying to fight certain laws and trying to convince people that we should be respected and loved and have the same rights,” she said. LGBT people can use art to remind “who we are and that we are here to stay.”

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Jennifer Lopez, 53, American singer, calls 2022 “the best year since my kids were born” https://news.google.com/__i/rss/rd/articles/. “It’s been a phenomenal year,” Lopez said of America’s “Today” show. This past summer, she and actor Ben Affleck got married — nearly two decades after the two called off their first engagement. The couple and children from previous relationships have moved on together. Lopez brought 14-year-old twins Amy and Max into marriage, and Affleck has three children with his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Garner.

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Daniel Flew, 47, actor (GZSZ) no longer wants pressure as a father. “One often thinks, ‘You have to give the kids something special every day! And he asks himself: “What am I going to show you now, what new things am I going to show you?” Next plan visits to musicals, afternoons at the strawberry farm or swimming pool. On his own.” Spending time together is important. “If you pressure yourself to bring something to the kids, it’s kind of counterproductive.” Fehlow has an eight-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter with actress Jessica Jenkel, 42. .

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