Claudia Effenberg causes horror – “she lies so blatantly”

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Claudia Effenberg’s lie was exposed in Bologna by Sonia Zytlow and Jan Koppen.Photo: rtl


Sophia Sirman

Now the Bolognese lie is threatened to be exposed: on the eleventh day of Jungle camp Claudia Effenberg and Jamie Rowe have one joking Made by teasing fellow campers. both of them Thin Returning to camp with the treasure chest from the successful treasure hunt, they lie to the others. They claimed they had to choose between the box and a portion of Bolognese. Then, Effenberg and Roy would forgo the meal in order to bring the treasure chest back to camp.

This is amazing story However, it was completely made up. Claudia had the idea to take revenge on Gigi and Cosimo by lying. Cosimo and Gigi had set off on a treasure hunt two days earlier. Given the option of bringing four eggs to camp or eating pizza, the two Italian-born reality stars opted for pizza. Your fellow campers were unenthusiastic about it.

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pretty face lying

On the twelfth day, Jamila and Cosimo take the test. The 55-year-old was then quizzed by the moderator duo on the subject of Bolo Gate. Jamila then confesses her and Claudia’s lie to Cosimo, who surprisingly calmly accepts her. Later at camp, Sonia and Jan also confront Claudia with a Bolognese story in front of the whole group. However, the 57-year-old acted as if she didn’t know what the two were talking about.

Philip Pavlovich criticizes Claudia’s lies

The entire Pizza Gate, which has since been transformed into the Bolognese Gate, was the subject of the RTL program “The Next Hour”. The ruling King of the Forest, Philip Pavlovich, harshly criticized Claudia: “She lies so blatantly that she believes her own lie.” He is annoyed by her rudeness: “She doesn’t make a face. Uncomfortable.” “But I respect that polo has more airtime than Lucas Cordalis,” the 28-year-old joked.

Those candidates left the jungle camp early


Those candidates left the jungle camp early

Source: europapress / dpa / isaac buj

Even moderator Angela Finger-Arben critically assessed Claudia’s behavior. “When Claudia was allocated property ‘wrong’ during a match, she could have made everything clear,” she said. Comedian Jan Van Weide agreed, saying, “That was her hero moment.”

Philip also believes that Jamila’s confession never really reached Cosimo: “Cosimo didn’t understand it at all. He understood that Claudia ate the bolognese on her own.” on me Twitter see it fans similar. For example, one user writes: “Cosimo hasn’t yet checked what’s going on, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to react so disenchanted, as if he has a guilty conscience and everyone smears pizza on bread.”

Claudia’s companion defends her

In the “next hour,” Claudia’s sidekick, star hairstylist Tim Mathey, had his say. He defended his girlfriend, saying, “Cosimo and Gigi would never have been taken seriously.” But he also admitted that Claudia’s lie doesn’t make her more sympathetic to the Jungle fans: “I’ve already had feedback that viewers haven’t received it well, but it’s a small thing that becomes huge.”

As Florian, Julina Minin’s husband, said his word in the “next hour”. He thinks: “They should clean up the polo gate. It was funny at first, but they’ve stretched it too much.” At the latest when Cosimo gave them his bag of chips, Jamila and Claudia should have cleared up the situation, according to Florian Menin.

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