Commander Spike Staple Has A Shocking Reprint Announcement!

Sometimes, in an effort to give some good financial advice, we accidentally tell the future. This couldn’t be more true of the recent Secret Lair reprint announced just moments before this article was written. We featured Counterbalance a few weeks ago Because of the massive secondary market movements. We mentioned that this card can easily be reprinted this year, which may cause players who invest in the card to lose a lot of money. Well, exactly 14 days after this article was released, Counterbalance has already seen it reprinted.

Draw your hand

MTG artist Tyler Day just announced that his new secret lair will be coming as part of a ‘Winter Superdrop’ available from January 30th. While the collection isn’t yet visible on MTG’s Secret Lair, we won’t have to wait long to find out what’s available in the latest drop.


In terms of cards that are reloads, Counterbalance is by far the most exciting card out there. While we have discussed the functionality of this card extensively hereThe recent community interest in this card has been due to the high secondary market prices over the past month. While the rise has been relatively slow, Counterbalance has crept up to approx $35 During the last week on TCGplayer, which means the price of the ticket is now over $40 Inclusive.

Interestingly, in a Reddit thread following the announcement of his secret lair, Tyler Day offered up the artistic catalysts that led to the wild illustrations behind these secret lairs. The first budget is as follows:

Art Title: Balancing Art Description: Card Type: Blue Magic Setting: Up to You! Action: Two magical spells of your own design intertwine, each keeping the other in check. Focus: State of Spells: Even the slightest changes can disrupt this balance.

If you want more info on Day’s technical process outside of just the prompts, you can check out his Reddit Thread here.

Bruna, Light of Alabaster, and Deafening Silence should have a bit of a premium in this build but generally aren’t that expensive. While Bruna is legendary, the card has been reprinted to death. Deafening Silence is a popular sideboard option in Pioneer format as an inexpensive way to check Phoenix and Lotus Field decks, but the card is still only worth a few bucks.

Alabaster light as such: Art Title: Bruna, Light Alabaster Art Description:
Color: White/Blue Mythical Creature Location: Up to you! Action: Please draw your point on Bruna (see reference) as she strikes an elegant mid-air pose. Focus Point: Warrior Angel Temperament: Dramatic, Wise, Divine”

“Art Title: Deafening Silence Art Description: Card Type: White Magic Setting: Up to you! Action: A strange, mouthless creature (or humanoid) raises its faint finger to where its mouth would be. Focus: Creature’s mood: Be quiet or face the consequences”

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The Eldrazi Conscription didn’t need a remake as seriously as Counterbalance, but the card does have some minor market value. Currently, the card only has two versions of Ultimate Masters and Rise of the Eldrazi. At a price of about $19 For the NM version, the Eldrazi Conscription can turn any enchanted creature into a menace attracting comparable to the Eldrazi Titans themselves. Getting +10/+10, Trample, and Annihilator Two are especially deadly in Commander, as he can easily use this Voltron deck, along with a few other abilities to start two players off with a single hit at the table.

Art Title: Description of Eldrazi Recruitment Art:
Card Type: Colorless Aura Location: Zendikar Action: From off-screen, Eldrazi’s tentacles hold human form (human, elf, kore, or vampire) like a puppet. Focus: Human Mood: You are no longer in control.

Is it worth buying?

From a financial point of view, Draw Your Hand is a solid secret stash to consider buying. As listed on the Tyler Day List, Secret Lair costs $30 In its non-foil variant. Balance already covers that price in terms of singles on the secondary market, so financially speaking, you can get your money back with one card. Eldrazi conscription is another matter $18which determines the current individual value of this secret stash $55$60. However, these reprints should bring prices down a bit. However, you’re currently taking in about twice as much as you’re spending in the secondary market value, which makes it very easy to get out, even if the cards lose some value. Bruna is a fairly popular leader, so this may also apply to these individuals.

From a financial standpoint, this secret stash sounds like a good deal, but whether you’re looking for cards and enjoying the artwork offered in Draw Your Hand are individual factors to consider. For gamers looking to find their own balance, this might be one of the best deals to get one that we’ll see in quite some time.

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