Complete list of movies sold at Sundance 2023

Nam June Paik: Moon is the oldest television.
Image source: Sundance Institute

Sundance is back To Park City, Utah, this year in Flesh (and Blood). to thank in my mother’s skin, a cannibal fairy tale from Filipino director Kenneth Dagatan, for the latter. After two years of COVID-related virtual festivals and big-ticket deals made from social distance, Hollywood studio dignitaries, A24 execs, and streamers are back at the festival and vying for the rights to the festival. hottest movies At the end of January. It could be the industry Affected by a rather bleak 2022 – What with Omicron and its half-empty theaters causing lower public participation and lower revenues – prompting decision makers to broker increasingly mediocre deals and avoid bidding wars? Can a smash hit (or two?) ride the wave of successful premieres and get the big bucks? Will many of the films make a wave, positioning themselves for expensive distribution deals, theatrical or otherwise?

Netflix scored its first big deal with Sundance fair play – Thriller set in the ruthless world of finance BridgertonPhoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich – for the whopping sum of $20 million on January 23. On the same day, Ben Platt and Molly Gordon were arrested by Searchlight. Theater camp Somewhere around $8 million. An all-night bidding battle between Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video yields the festival’s second-highest deal: iPad fell Flora and his son For just under $20 million on Jan. 24, Sundance’s biggest deal since it acquired coda in 2021 for $25 million at the festival. All the dust will settle on January 29th, when the festivities come to an end and the real analysis can happen. For now, here’s a list of all the movies sold at Sundance 2023 so far (and how much they’ve sold).

distributor: Greenwich Entertainment

This documentary traces the development of artist Nam Joon Paik, also known as the “George Washington of Video Art.” Arguably the most famous Korean artist in recent history, Baek has followed him from his education in Munich to his rise through the New York art scene and his visionary vision of a future where “everyone will have their own TV channel.”

price: unannounced

distributor: MTV Documentaries

After Augusto, a prominent Chilean journalist who had been reporting on the Pinochet regime, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease eight years earlier, his wife Paulina became his primary caregiver. The Oscar-nominated director intersperses footage of local struggles with clips from the country’s – and the couple’s – past.

price: unannounced

distributor: A 24

A group of friends learn to conjure spirits using an ancient mummified hand in this bloody Australian horror. Their new hobby is fun and games until someone opens the door to the spirit world.

price: A number in a higher seven-digit range

distributor: Sony Pictures classics

A father tries to save his son’s marriage after he begins to suspect that his son may be cheating on his wife. Starring David Strathairn, Will Pullen, Jane Levy, Celia Weston, and Anna Camp, the film explores the complexity of family dynamics, especially after a child becomes an adult.

price: unannounced

distributor: bad

German director Thomas begins an extramarital affair with a young woman, causing her husband to have an affair. While unraveling his own jealousy issues, Thomas must decide if his relationship is worth saving or if it is being done for the good.

price: unannounced

distributor: + Apple TV

A mother, fed up with her teenage son’s petty theft, gifts him a guitar she found in the trash in an effort to make her son’s hobby more legal. John Carney’s latest tale about the redeeming power of music stars Eve Hewson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Orin Quinlan.

price: Just under $20 million

distributor: searchlight

The best friends return to their childhood theater camp to find its founder comatose after the strobe-light accident in this play. Her crypto bro son has nothing left to do but to reluctantly take over the financially beleaguered summer camp and band with the staff to bail him out.

price: severely $8 million

distributor: Netflix

A married couple engages in a consensual workplace relationship while working for a dour hedge fund. After an unexpected promotion throws their romance into disarray, they have much more to lose than their latest engagement. Alden Ehrenreich W BridgertonPhoebe Dynevor stars in the erotic thriller.

price: $20 million

distributor: Magnolia Films/CNN

The celebratory documentary traces the early life and musical journey of little Richard. Using archival and performance footage, the film is an attempt to uncover the black and grotesque origins of rock and roll, along with the reality of the industry’s exploitation.

price: unannounced

distributor: Netflix

When a fertility doctor’s young daughter begins behaving strangely, she has no choice but to confront the ghosts of her past and challenge her own limiting beliefs about life and death. Sarah Snook (Succession) stars in Reed’s psychological horror.

price: unannounced

distributor: Amazon Prime Video

Stranded and alone with her dying mother in 1945, the Japanese-occupied Philippines, a 14-year-old desperately seeks help from a mysterious flesh-eating fairy sworn to protect her. Her mother first feels comfortable treating the fairy, only to later face increasingly horrific consequences.

price: unannounced

distributor: Magnolia Pictures

The feature directorial debut of the two-time Grammy-nominated producer/singer/songwriter and the first trans woman cast in the unscripted prime-time show Dr. smith. Four black sex workers in Atlanta and New York (Daniella Carter, Coco Da Doll, Leah Mitchell, and Dominic Silver) explain the oldest profession.

price: unannounced

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