Cosimo Costa’s mistake – companion Lucas Cordalis explains the situation

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Lucas Cordalis (left) talks to Cosimo at a campfire about his deceased father, Costa Cordalis.Photo: RTL+


Laura Schieble

This defect in the fifth day in Jungle camp You won’t forget anytime soon: Cosimo Citiolo mistakenly attributes Udo Jurgens’ song “Greek Wine” to the late star Costa Cordalis.

In a quiet moment, Lucas Cordalis and Cosimo talk about their parents around a campfire. “I watched his last hours, his last breath. I felt his last heartbeat,” Lucas said with tears in his eyes.

Cosimo’s reaction was so sympathetic that it made Lucas smile again. Then he thought of this moment on the jungle phone and wanted to sing one of his songs in honor of Costa Cordales. At least that’s what Cosimo assumed: “Greek wine is like the blood of the earth…” he sang.

Fortunately this does not belong to Lucas Cordalis. on me Social media They are enjoying themselves fans However, about the blunder. Someone writes: “It’s always nice to sit with a Greek and hear the songs of Udo Cordalis, no, here, Dings, Costa Jurgens!”

Peter Klein also reported it in The Official Podcast In Jungle Camp with Julian F.M. Stoeckl and Enken Wehridt they explain this false assumption.

Peter Klein reacts emotionally to Lucas Cordalis’ words

“I just have it in the room Instagram Partially sent. I haven’t watched the episode yet. Lucas’ father-in-law, Peter Klein, said on the Jungle podcast, describing his reaction to the scene when Lucas Cordalis spoke about his father.

“I experienced it live. Costa’s illness, the hospital story, the ups and downs, until the day we left.”

Then you notice it more when Lucas talks about it. Peter Klein also made it clear on the podcast that he highly doubts he can talk about it as casually around a campfire as Lucas did.

I am interview With RTL, Peter Klein also had tears in his eyes when he talked about the relationship between Lucas and his father, Costa. He confirmed that he is happy that Lucas finally allowed those feelings because he has always been strong for his family and wife. Here Lucas’ father-in-law broke the sound.

Peter Klein works for the fourth time as a jungle camp escort. He came first with his wife Iris Klein, then with his daughter Jenny Frankhauser, last year with Lucas Cordalis to South Africa – where he was unable to participate due to Corona disease – and now he is following up again with Lucas. Australia.

Cosimo, 55, doesn’t seem to blame Costa’s mistake, he revealed on the Jungle podcast.

Peter Klein clears up the confusion about Greek wine fools

The 55-year-old hasn’t had much contact with Costa Cordalis, but has always gotten on well with him, says Peter Klein on the podcast. Lucas, on the other hand, not only has his own recording studio at his parents’ house, but he still sees his mother, Ingrid, almost every day. Ingrid and Costa were an amazing couple, who were married for several decades.

As a successful and sought-after musician, Costa Cordalis could have had anyone, Julian F. M. Stoeckl points out. “no one party Without Costa Cordalis. Peter Klein laughs: “Greek wine, for example.” “Cosimo is the only one I don’t blame,” Julian continues.

Lucas’ father-in-law then explains, “A lot of people think this song is Costa’s.” Because of the wine in the title. In fact, a song by Costa Cordalis with a similar name is called “Wine of Samos” – Greek island.

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