counter exercise? Social media users explain why they don’t go to the gym

Reddit users gave some thoughtful responses after a poster asked for an explanation as to why some people are do not exercise.

“People who don’t exercise or play sports, why don’t you?” one user asked.

Many explained that because their jobs are so strenuous, they don’t feel the need to use exercise equipment after hours.

A man while doing a bench press in a gym

A man while doing a bench press in a gym

“I work in construction and honestly after working all day running up and down stairs and moving equipment, I’m all set,” said one user, RocMerc.

“Over the past few years I’ve lost almost 20kg of weight. I went from a desk job to handling a workshop full of machines. Preparing and moving heavy metal parts all day. Plus I bike 2 x 8km a day if the weather is good another answered.

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Another agreed: “I got into the gym before I worked on construction sites.” “Before I was working from home on Zoom all day even when the gyms reopened. I was training really hard 5 days a week. In the 7 weeks I’ve been building, I think I hit the gym twice. Even for the guys, a strong man who enjoys Physically fit and strong, I barely had the energy most days to play the drums after work.”

Construction jobs aren’t the only ones who say they can keep the pounds off without it Going the gym.

Another user said “it’s me”. “I spent years trying to eat right and go to the gym and just couldn’t get motivated to keep the pounds off. I got a job as a kindergarten teacher in a big city. So now I spend my days chasing after kids and walking everywhere. The diet hasn’t changed and I’ve lost weight.” 65 pounds in a year and a half.”

Dennis Austin works out with SlimFast

Dennis Austin works out with SlimFast

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Some said their daily routine is enough practice.

One user commented, “I walk my dog ​​every day, do the gardening and housework.” “I mean this is good enough exercise for me…it keeps my weight down and I don’t need to go on any special diet or anything. Good enough.”

Others said they lack motivation, or that exercise is “boring.”

“I wasn’t athletic growing up,” said another user. “I hated gym class almost as much as gym class hated me. We never made up. I also have no discipline. I was the kid who never did my homework but passed tests and papers. I still scrape through the daily routine. Edit: I’m lacking.” To discipline in things I don’t enjoy but ended up finding my passion, I worked hard and now have a career doing what I love. I still really hate running!”

Grant Holloway wins his first competition in the men's 400-meter hurdles in US Olympic track and field on Friday, June 25, 2021, in Eugene, Oregon (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

Grant Holloway wins his first competition in the men’s 400-meter hurdles in US Olympic track and field on Friday, June 25, 2021, in Eugene, Oregon (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)
(AP Photo/Ashley Landis)


Others explained that illnesses prevented them from enjoying exercise, such as muscle soreness, chronic pain, and fatigue.

One person simply wrote, “Pain.”

One of the most interactive comments on the workout topic was from user tryin2staysane, who wrote, “I’m going to start tomorrow.”

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More than 75% of Americans do not exercise enough. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention I found the standards. Data collected in 2020 by the National Center for Health Statistics published in the August 2022 Data Brief showed that only 24.2% of adults over the age of 18 met physical activity guidelines for both aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening. The 2018 standards encourage at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week. But three-quarters of the American population completely failed to meet the recommendation, with only 22.7% agreeing with the aerobic exercise guidelines and 6.8% managing to strengthen muscles alone.

The data concluded that the remaining 46.3% of the population had never met anything.

Fox News’ Angelica Stabile contributed to this report

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