Criminal charges after a duet with Beatrice Egli

For the last time: the big crash on January 14, 2023 from the Media City Atelier in Leipzig Beatrice Egli and Florian Silbereisen Photo: osnapix For the last time: the big crash…

Florian Silbereisen is in trouble after showing his ARD.Bild: IMAGO/osnapix

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Florian Silberisen had a lot going for him on his show Schlager’s Great Farewell. stars to the guest. The program is dedicated to Jürgen Drews, who after many years on stage will no longer perform live in the future. The duet of Silberisen and his colleague Beatrice Egli, in particular, has generated much discussion. And they don’t stop even days after the show airs.

Because Silbereisen and winner of the 2013 “DSDS” have created an absolute classic. In Klaus Lage’s “1,000 and 1 Nights,” the two danced, sometimes hugging each other causing quite a stir. Twitter Again to speculation as to whether they could have been more than mates. But in the meantime, there is a heated discussion about another aspect of the performance, because the change of text in the song causes a lot of fuss.

Florian Silberisen received visible criticism after the performance

When Silbereisen and Egli performed a duet on stage, “1,000 and 1 night”, some viewers took notice. Instead of the line of text “Do you remember, we played the Indians”, Silbereisen sang: “Do you remember, we played together”. A noticeable change in the lyrics. But what does that mean?

The term “Indian” is often seen as problematic today. How do ZDF information He explained that this was mainly due to the fact that the indigenous people did not call themselves that. The term comes from European colonial rulers, i.e. their enemies. It is a generalization because it is used as a collective term for many indigenous peoples who already have names of their own, such as Maya or Quechua. This is why it is no longer used today.

One person who doesn’t understand the decision to change the script in A Thousand and One Nights at all: Diether Diem. He is one of the authors of the song released in 1984. “If the defamation of the artistic work protected in it Deutschland If it really wasn’t copyright infringement, i.e. a criminal offense, then Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Egli would have to go to a closed facility for gross nonsense,” he wrote in a statement. Facebook.

He even goes so far as to say that as the song’s author and publisher he has filed a criminal complaint. Diem continues, no one should change the text in the future either, otherwise he will take action against it as well.

But he insists “not only fidelity to the script,” Diem continued, “but also to allow my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to ‘play Indians’ wherever and whenever they want.” A clear statement and clear criticism of Egli and Celebrisen.

Are there legal consequences for Silbereisen?

However, it is not known whether the two hit stars were responsible for the fact that the line of text was changed. In his letter, Demme claims that the singer himself deleted the line when he wrote:

“Silbereisen had neither my permission nor the slightest gastronomic competence.”

However, the decision could have been made by the announcer or someone else. The only sure thing is that Silbereisen presented the altered text on stage. So it remains to be seen if Diem will succeed in his lawsuit and then run into real legal trouble with Silbereisen.

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