Cristiano Ronaldo begins dueling Messi in Saudi Arabia

theIonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo He quickly shook hands under the din of nearly 70,000 fans at King Fahd Stadium before an unforgettable football spectacle with penalties, a red card and a trophy for the next few days against the Portuguese in what could be their last duel. Football giants started.

Less than three minutes later, the world champion from Argentina took the lead, as in the best times of almost eternal rivals, Ronaldo made a two-goal save. But in the end, Messi’s Paris Saint-Germain won on Thursday Riyadh In front of a selection of the new Saudi employer, Ronaldo Al-Nasr, and his rival Al-Hilal 5-4 (2-2).

Marks on Ronaldo’s face

It is said that there were two million ticket requests for the 35-year-old Messi’s match alongside Neymar and also Kylian Mbappe Against a selection called “Riyadh Season Eleven” about the 37-year-old Ronaldo, who led the team onto the pitch. And after a dominant initial phase by the Parisians with Messi’s early goal, Ronaldo turned things around in the 37th duel between the world’s various footballers. However, he fell to the ground when trying to head the ball, and was hit by Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who, according to media reports, may soon be Ronaldo’s teammate.

Ronaldo scrambled to his feet, looked under his eye as the elbow left marks and scored shortly afterwards from the penalty spot to equalize (min. 34) – including a happy jump. Marquinhos (43) Paris Saint-Germain, who outnumbered him in the 40th minute after a red card against former Bayern Munich professional Juan Bernat, put Paris Saint-Germain back in front, but Ronaldo came back again in the sixth minute of extra time.

The lively match continued after the break as Sergio Ramos (53) scored for Paris Saint-Germain, Hyun-Soo Jang (56 minutes) equalized, and Mbappe (60) beat Neymar before the break and took the fourth goal from a penalty kick scored by Paris Saint-Germain. . That ended the superstar dish: Ronaldo was replaced, as were Messi, Mbappe and Neymar.

Then substitute Hugo Ikitek scored the fifth goal for Paris, which was also more than ten million euros richer for the 2030 World Cup candidate country’s trip. Talisca set the last point in stoppage time.

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