CSS, which is free or low-cost supplementary health insurance in France

Besides their basic rights under France’s state health system, which comes with French Social Security membership, most people choose to pay additional insurance to pay for any costs not covered by the state.

This is called Mutual or Complementary health It is provided by a non-profit organization or an insurance company.

However, France has a “free shipping” system to help people of modest means.

current chart, Supplementary health insurance (CSS) has been around since late 2019 and has replaced two previous programs.

This was Supplemental universal health coverage (CMU-C) f Help for complementary health (ACS). CMU-C and ACS helped with those medical costs above the basic case reimbursement threshold that would normally be reimbursed with Vitale on demand.

The CSS program aims to improve on the two older assistance systems by extending the current assistance system to more low-income people.

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Where does CSS apply?

As with previous programs, CSS applies to doctors’ appointments, pharmacies for prescription drugs, blood testing laboratories, etc. and also to hospital stays.

CSS recipients are exempt from having to pay doctors, dentists, and health aides (nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) nor are they required to pay daily hospital fees at hospitals.

Medications and drugstores are also covered as are medical devices (canes, wheelchairs, bandages, prostheses, etc.), and beneficiaries now have free access to most eyeglasses, dentures, and hearing aids.

How does CSS work?

Under the new CSS, eligible recipients must still register with the approved government Complementary healthAnd the government will pay the company to cover your costs.

You will not be required to make any advance payment and doctors may not charge you any fees. The latter refers to the portion of fees charged by some physicians that exceed the fixed state tariff.

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Note that not all health insurance providers are certified to administer your CSS benefits; To find a list of government-approved insurance companies in your area that are allowed to handle your application, refer to our searchable database Available here.

Who is eligible for CSS?

Your eligibility for CSS is determined on the basis of your income level and your membership in the French healthcare system.

Unfortunately, last year the French suspended eligibility for CSS for people (mostly pensioners) whose healthcare is paid for by another EU country, or Britain, under the S1 health certificate system. There has been speculation that post-Brexit scrutiny of the rules may have played a role in this being enforced at this time when not in the past.

An association that helps foreigners in France suggested the change could be discriminatory and suggested the people involved who apply and are rejected You should seek to contest this. However, we have not yet heard of any policy change.

Otherwise, for those who qualify and have the lowest income, CSS is free, and for others whose incomes are not considered low enough, a financial contribution but less than the full cost will be required to obtain a regular order. Mutual.

The calculation of this contribution takes into account the claimant’s income level and age.

People with an RSA will now automatically be credited with an income support benefit Supplementary health insurance (CSS) where he found that very few people were taking it.

Access will also be “facilitated” for pensioners on Aspa pension augmentation, who will automatically be sent documents to allow them to enroll.

Recipients of the government’s CSS program are required to pay a modest contribution if their income reaches a certain level. If so, contributions are calculated based on income and age levels.

The CSS contribution is guaranteed not to exceed a maximum of €1 per day and per person.

Additional costs may not be covered by CSS if you choose to consult your doctor outside of normal business hours, if your doctor pays you for a house call or if your doctor determines that your consultation is not warranted.

What are the income ceilings to benefit from?

A single household with an annual income of €9,571 or less will receive CSS coverage for free, while a single household earning up to €12,921 can get CSS coverage at a cost.

Meanwhile, a two-person household with an income of up to €14,357 can get CSS coverage for free, and couples with an income of up to €19,381 are eligible for coverage at a cost. Ceilings rise according to large families.

These numbers relate to members of your household including spouses, civil partners, casual long-term partners and dependents.

Entitlement is based on actual amounts received in the previous 12 months prior to application, but does not include certain forms of income such as some welfare benefits (see form link below for more information on this).

How do I apply for CSS?

You can apply for CSS online through your Ameli account under my steps Or in person at your local Cpam.

To apply for CSS, you must fill in Cerva fig. No. 12504 * 08 that describes your household and your household income.

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