Dale Earnhardt Jr. He once hid in Hayfield for six hours to avoid the noisy belt from Dale Sr.

Dale Earnhardt He was widely known, affectionately, and sometimes unemotionally, as The Intimidator.

For obvious reasons, including his extremely aggressive leadership style and tough competitive nature, there really is no better nickname for NASCAR legend.

daughter, Dale Earnhardt Jr.He often talks about his father and some of the things they went through when he was growing up. And while They had a very complicated relationship Sometimes Dale Jr. learned some lessons from his father about what was right and wrong and what his father would tolerate from him.

sat on a ring of Bussin’ With The Boys podcast last summer to talk about his childhood, tell some great stories, and elaborate on what he envisions for the future of racing.

However, the best story was when Dale Jr. ended up at a friends house and used some bird language, thinking they were the only two in the house at the time. If you thought Dale Sr. was scary on the track, it looks like he was even scarier as a father:

“He was very tough. His nickname on the racetrack was The Intimidator, and he was very terrifying, you know, at home.

I mean, I remember, I either said the word “fuck” or dropped an F-bomb on my boyfriend’s house, I thought it was just me and him.

He had this wicked little video game machine, like, before Nintendo and I were playing this little soccer game on it. And something happened, and I said “shit” or an F-bomb or something and his dad happened to be walking in the front door.

He looked at me and said, “You need to go home.” And I said, “Yes, sir.” And so I came home.

But, as it turns out, Dale Sr. and Dale Jr.’s friend’s father were very close, so the father had heard the whole story before he set foot in the house that evening:

“Two hours later, my father came inside and my friend was on the road, his father and father were good friends too.

Well, he told my dad what happened. Dad comes walking into the bedroom and actually pulls the belt.”

At this point, I’d be terrified.

If Dale Sr. is coming at me angry as hell with a belt, I’ll do anything possible to find a way out and get his ass out of there.

And that’s exactly what Dale Jr. did:

“And I look at the door and they are in the way the room is arranged, there is a point where, on the way to me, I can get to the door.

And I got to the door, and down the hall and out the front door, through the front yard, across the street, and into this hayfield and over this erosion-hole and I dove into the ditch and lay there for six hours.”

Six hours? He stayed there for a full six hours, trying to avoid his father’s punishment? I respect commitment.

Of course, Dale Sr. For being Dale Sr. , will not give up so easily:

“I peaked over that hole, and he’d come out the front door, look around, come back in, and I’m like ‘Man, I’m not going to have a ‘no whoop’ today.” did not happen. not today.’

This was kinda daddy… I got a few whoops, not a lot, but when he took that belt off he was so upset.”

In the end, Dale Jr. returned. Home after all this time lying in the hayfield near his house. After all this time, he said, he had managed to be enough for his father to calm down and calm down.

“I remember exclaiming. There weren’t many, but the one I got, I remember them. And I know exactly what I did wrong. I never forget these things, do I?”

Imagine getting the belt from Dale Earnhardt. It was very difficult.”

I don’t think I want…

He managed to evade punishment this time, and instead, spoke to his father about how he should act:

“We had a conversation about the word I used and how I need to act. And that I’d better not make that mistake again.”

Dale Jr. said that part of the reason he remembered that specific story so well was because he always felt guilty for not just accepting his punishment:

“I don’t know why, but I feel some guilt for making this escape, but I had to. I don’t know why.”

I feel, like I kind of didn’t get what I deserved. Like I skipped a well-deserved sentence, you know? I think that’s why I remember that story because I feel like, you know, it’s what it is.

I didn’t want that.”

And who can blame him for that?

It seems like the last thing anyone on Earth would want…

I mean, Dale broke his hand screaming at the men’s ass For shooting deer on his property because of his loud yelling. I think we all tried to do exactly what Dale Jr. did in the situation…

It seems that he learned his lesson regardless of the lack of punishment.

If Dale Sr. that you have done something wrong, he can easily put the fear of God in you faster than a hot knife in butter and I think that is enough by itself:

“I didn’t need that rant to find out.”

Check him out telling the whole story in the video below, it’s so funny:

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