Darts in Germany: your way into a popular sport?

As of: 01/14/2023 4:09 PM

The hype surrounding Gabriel Clemens at the World Cup in London has brought many new fans to darts in Germany. What makes the sport so popular – and how can it last?

“I hope that many young people will find their way to darts” – this is Gabriel Clemens’ greatest wish after the World Cup in London. The 39-year-old Saarlander is back at home in Saarwellingen-Reisbach – and suddenly he’s in media demand. He is the first German to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup of Darts.

Arrows fever is spreading in Germany. “What Gabriel has done for darts in Germany is great,” says professional player Fallon Sherock. The World Archery Championships has been the number one sporting topic for weeks.

“Keep the hype up”

On the sofa at home, world soccer champion Thomas Müller kept his fingers crossed and tweeted “what a great #dart match by Gabriel Clemens”. Saarland’s Prime Minister Anke Rellinger tweeted, “Saarland is proud of the best German ever in #dartsWM one of us!”.

The country was turned upside down. The former mechanic is a famous hero. “Great cinema! Gaga,” Martin Schindler, who competed in the third round of the World Cup, wrote with full appreciation. “Now it’s about maintaining the hype, and maybe even turning it into a sustainable direction.” Because many people now want to try this sport, which was once played only in bars.

What charms arrows?

Arrows cost little money. 100 euros is enough for a decent board and arrows. Whether young or old, male or female, fat or thin, tall or short – everyone can play darts.

The Saarland Darts Association is delighted to have nearly 200 new members. Thus, the number of active members doubled in two years. According to Honorary Chairman Johan Peltzer, Clemence and his World Cup appearances two years ago against the legend Peter Wright and now against Jeroen Price and world champion Michael Smith are partly responsible.

Even the Corona pandemic could not slow the growing interest in darts in Germany. “I think we are the only sport that has seen gains during Corona,” says Axel Krause of the German Darts Association. People would make themselves comfortable at home and equip themselves with darts. The number of members of darts clubs in Germany has increased from around 16,000 to more than 22,000 since 2020.

How can this trend be expanded?

After Ally Pally’s World Cup show has ended and the raucous chants of “Oh, Gabriel Clemens” on London Hill have disappeared, the stars are zipping across Germany showing off their darts skills. But the most important thing is to occupy the English Premier League. If Clemens is nominated, Darts on 17 Nights between February and May could potentially guarantee high ratings in Germany.

The first four places in the world rankings are determined: world champion Michael Smith from England, Dutchman Michael van Gerwen, Scotsman Peter Wright and Jeroen Price from Wales. The PDC, the Professional Darts Corporation, decides on the other four participants.

The German market is of great interest to PDC. However, Gabriel Clemens still lacks mathematical arguments. Although he reached the top twenty in the world with number 19, but ahead of him There are others that could claim a place in terms of sport. Until a decision is made, Clemens will have to wait and see.

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